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Nursery Singing Activities 8-6-20

Good Morning Everyone.

I hope you all had a good weekend and are keeping safe and well.

Here are some songs you might like to  sing with your children. We used to sing a lot of NYCOS {National Youth Choir of Scotland} songs in nursery.

Click on the link below to find more songs









Nursery Activities 5-6-20

Good Morning All

Here are some activities for you to have fun with over the weekend.

If you are out walking see if you can spot some animals. You can then draw your favourite animal.

Another story to read could be The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You might be able to spot some butterflies whilst out on a walk.

You could then try some of the fruits the caterpillar munched his way through.

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Have fun




Nursery Activities 29-5-20

Good Morning Everyone

Here are some activities to try over the weekend.

SCAVENGER HUNT {tick off when you find them}

Find a sticks

Find something smooth

Find a leaf

Find a flower

Find a ball

Find a cat

Find a car

Find a cloud

Find a gate

Since it is such a nice day I thought we could read Little Miss Sunshine by Roger Hargreaves

A song you might like is Mr Sun

Have a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine.