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Nursery Thursday 28th May

Hello Boys and Girls

I hope that you are all  enjoying the lovely weather! Here is an activity that I have done at home with my son I hope you all enjoy.

Remember you can send photos, pictures to the school email address.  We look forward to seeing some of your pictures. Keeping with the topic of shadows I have chosen a story called  “The day I Met My Shadow” hope you enjoy.

Keep safe everyone hope to see you all soon!


Nursery outdoor road track

In the nursery we have been working with a group of Primary 6 and 7 pupils to create a road track outdoors in our garden. The pupils have worked hard digging the ground, cementing a road and creating road signs.

If anyone has any old cars that they could kindly donate to nursery it would be greatly appreciated by both staff and children. Donations can be dropped of at school office.

Nursery team