BBC Home Learning support

Hope you are all well.

If anyone is looking for some extra home learning ideas or fun to keep children entertained, busy and learning the BBC have launched lots of new home learning ideas and lessons to help.

There are daily lessons suggested on BBC Bitsize

There are also daily programmes on BBC iPlayer

BBC Scotland also has a wealth of learning resources and ideas tailored for Scotland.

Lastly BBC Scotland TV channel will also have programmes running each day from 10am.

For more information:

How Bitesize will support you while you’re learning from home


Nursery Activities 21-4-20

Morning Everyone

Just a we reminder any photos, pictures can be sent to school and can be added to the school sway page.

Activity – Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Find a stone

Find 3 leaves

Find something yellow

Find  something green

Find a stick

Name something you see in the sky

Find a bug

Name a bug that is black, red and has spots

Find a spider


Story for today Hide a Saurus


Rhyme for today

Incey Wincey Spider