Primary 3/4

We have had a busy term so far.

We had a visit from Quality Meat Scotland, who spoke to us about Scottish beef, lamb and pork.

Elyse – Some of us helped make fajitas

Tivon – I helped make the guacamole for the beef fajitas.

Callum – Some of us helped cut the peppers and we used the bridge and claw techniques to help us.

Adam – The fajitas tasted scrumptious, I’ll give them 5*.


Design Technology

Findlay – For design technology we had a challenge to make balloon powered cars.

Tivon – If we keep using petrol or diesel cars it will cause carbon dioxide which will melt all the icebergs.

Leivi – It will cause global warming.

Elyse – Our cars had to travel at least one metre and we used a metre stick to measure this.

Callum – me and my partner’s car managed to travel four metres.

Leivi – me and my partner’s car did not move to begin with so we had to try an fix the problem by making changes to our design.


Findlay – We painted a sunset picture using red and yellow watercolours.

Leivi – We tried to make orange using red and yellow.

Ciara – We practiced how to draw wind turbines using paper, pens and pencils. When we had drawn them we found the perfect one and tried to copy them onto the sunset.


We used word blocks to make sentences.


Brag Tag Gallery

Tivon – If you have been successful and kind you receive a brag tag.

Callum – You only get brag tags when you’ve been caught doing something nice, kind or good. You can’t ask for a brag tag.

Leivi – You have to earn it!


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