Jan 252019

Our topic this term is Body Systems. We are finding out what they are made of, their function, how to keep them healthy and what to do if something goes wrong with them. We have been looking at the skeletal and muscular systems. You have 206 bones in your body but have 300 when you are born.You have over 600 muscles in your body when you’re fully grown. The biggest/longest bone in you body is your femur, you have 3 different types of muscles:your smooth, your skeletal and your cardiac.Your ribs protect your lungs, organs and your heart. Your cardiac muscle are the walls of your heart and the heart as well.

Meah-I enjoyed helping the nursery with taking stones out of their vegetable patch to soon be building a mini green house out of the left over plastic bottles.

Lewis-I enjoyed the Maths that we were doing because it was quite easy and it was fun to put percentages in to decimals and fractions.

Ava-I enjoyed doing our own story about a skeleton in writing. It was a lot of fun to make up our own story about a skeleton.

Toby- As well as Meah I liked lifting up the stones which was very hard because I had a plastic mini spade, trust me its hard!

Melissa- I like every Wednesday afternoon because we go to the nursery and help them with decorations and things like that. The first week we were designing a music wall but another group were doing something else. Then this week we were creating a race track for the nursery kids.

Alexander -In math we have been learning about percentages ,decimals and fractions we have been learning how to make a fraction to a decimal to a percentage I found it really easy to make it from a fraction to a percentage or a decimal you had to divide the top number in the fraction by the bottom number in the fraction and that’s your percentage.


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