Learning in p1/2

We have been very busy developing our class charter in the last couple of weeks and getting to know each other better. It is lovely to see some new friendships forming and others continuing from last year. Here is a little flavour of our recent learning.

In maths we have been outside looking for 2d shapes in the playground and taking pictures of them. We used the pictures to sort the shapes into categories and p2 pupils labelled the shapes using skitch.

In number work p1 have been focusing on forming numbers 1-6 and representing them in different ways. P2 have been learning about tens and ones and using this knowledge to help order numbers from the smallest to the biggest.

In spelling and phonics p1s have been learning their sounds and listening for them in words. P2 have been focusing on words with the ai and oa sound.

During discovery time in the nursery we have been using our motor skills to take apart a laptop and exploring the parts we have found. We have been using problem solving skills to make obstacle courses with loose parts outside (and inside). We have used non-fiction books to look at different people who help us and have created a giant police man, fire girl and fire engine to display in our classroom. In health we have been exploring similarities and differences and have used small loose parts to create a self portrait.