First week back!!!

In our first week back on Tuesday we made some symmetrical drawings of ourselves. It was very hard, we had to be unique and use our shading skills to help. We also did a getting to know you, where we wrote down on paper, clues about ourselves to see if the class could find out who we were.

On Wednesday Mr Muller came to teach for the day and we were set a challenge. We were to build the tallest tower out of uncooked spaghetti and dry bread, some met the challenge successfully and some were not as successful but tried their best.

When it came to Thursday, in the afternoon, we started to think about what articles we could use for our class charter. We also thought about what our table names could be.

On the last day of our first week, which was Friday, we started deciding what our class charter could look like. Each table decided on four designs for our class charter which we will vote on, on Monday.

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