P3/4 Superheroes

P3/4 have really busy since we have come back! We have been thinking about the qualities of superheroes and how we can be super classmates.

Leivi – We have been writing postcards.

Findlay – In Numeracy we have been practicing switchers and creating fact families.

Josh – We used ICT to create our own superheroes and made these into tray labels.

Maris – We were imagining we were superheroes and writing poems about ourselves using similies.

Callum – We were discussing what our “future self” might do as a job and recording this using Skitch or Comic Life.

First week back!!!

In our first week back on Tuesday we made some symmetrical drawings of ourselves. It was very hard, we had to be unique and use our shading skills to help. We also did a getting to know you, where we wrote down on paper, clues about ourselves to see if the class could find out who we were.

On Wednesday Mr Muller came to teach for the day and we were set a challenge. We were to build the tallest tower out of uncooked spaghetti and dry bread, some met the challenge successfully and some were not as successful but tried their best.

When it came to Thursday, in the afternoon, we started to think about what articles we could use for our class charter. We also thought about what our table names could be.

On the last day of our first week, which was Friday, we started deciding what our class charter could look like. Each table decided on four designs for our class charter which we will vote on, on Monday.

Learning in p1/2

This week we have been very busy settling back into life in school. We Have been learning lots!

In maths p2s have been learning all about tens and units. p1s have been doing lots of counting and number recognition within 10.

In writing, we wrote a postcard about our summer holidays.

On Thursday afternoon we used the nursery to enhance our learning through play. Some of us used problem solving skills to create a train track, we used a smartboard game to practise our maths skills and we were learning about keeping ourselves safe while using the construction bench.