P3/4 Snow Day activities

Snow Day Activities:

Build a snowman that looks like you.

Create a weather scene using the natural elements in your garden and/or park. The snow is your canvas!

Write your spelling words in the snow, you could use food colouring to colour the snow or your hands.

Use the internet or books available to research extreme weathers that include snow. https://www.kiddle.co/ is a great search engine for kids.

Use snowballs to do some maths:
– Triangles/Rectangles/Squares: Equal/arrays groups eg. 4 groups of 5 what does that look like and what’s the answer?
– Circles: addition and subtraction eg. If I make 3 snowballs and through 2 how many do I have left?

Warm up with a hot chocolate! Write down instructions for how you made your tasty hot chocolate.

If you complete any activities or do your own learning in the snow I would love to see it! Send me a picture on this post below 😊

Enjoy the snow everyone! Be safe and remember to keep warm when you’re playing outside.❄️⛄️

P1/2 snow day activities

1. Build the biggest snowman you can and measure its height.

2. Write your spelling words in the snow.

3. Write a story titled ‘One Snowy Day’. Make it as imaginative as you can!

4. Draw/paint a snowy picture.

5. Use the internet or any books you have at home to research 3 interesting facts about a polar animal.

6. Use snowballs to do some maths:
P2: equal groups/arrays eg. 3 groups of 5
P1: subtraction eg. Make 6 snowballs. Throw 2. How many left?

7. Warm up after some fun in the snow with a warm drink and a story (read the next section of your class reading book and/or a book of your choice).

If you complete any activities or do your own learning in the snow I would love to see your pictures! Add any pictures to the comments below to share what you have been learning with others.

Whatever you choose do – have fun and stay safe!! ❄️☃️

Community Links

On Thursday the nursery enjoyed a visit from two of the residents at Blackfaulds House Nursing Home, and their carer.

There is growing research on the benefits, to both young and old, of such generational integration.  The children and visitors enjoyed playing and listening to stories together. We are planning on Thursday visits, from Blackfaulds House, becoming a regular occurance.