Nursery News

Another busy week in the nursery started with the children collecting sticks to make a ‘campfire’. Songs and stories were shared around the ‘campfire’ and fire safety discussed.

Later in the week the learning about fire safety was extended through some messy play set up by Miss Hirst, our visiting student Teacher. The children really enjoyed ‘putting out’ the fire (red paint added to shaving foam) while discussing and learning more about fire safety.


Every week the children are learning all about food and food hygiene through helping prepare snack. The nursery staff are keen for the children to experience a big variety of food. Last week the children helped make macaroni cheese.  They examined the uncook pasta and described how to cook it.  They looked at the difference between cooked and uncooked macaroni and they added the cheese to the cooked macaroni.

This week the children enjoyed making and tasting apple pie.

The children have also been developing their pen control and artistic skills through creating self portraits. We think the look great. Please check them out in the gallery below.




The ‘Book People’ book fair

Book Fair
We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a ‘Book People’ book fair in school week beginning 9th October. A selection of books will be available to view in school and an a brochure will be sent home with pupils today. The Book People offer an amazing selection of brilliant books at a fraction of the retail price, so perfect for gifts – especially with Christmas coming up!! And, by purchasing from the book fair, you will be supporting the school to buy new books for learning.