This week’s learning in our class.

In maths we have been learning about decimals, finding out about tenths, hundredths and thousandths- Ava

I have been learning how to add 3 digit numbers with carrying – Jamie

In HWB we were learning about how germs are spread and what we could do to stop this – Lewis

In maths I have been learning my 7 times table and I found it easy – Amber

For our Scottish night we have been learning a lovely new song called the Ghosts of Culloden – Rebecca

On Friday we did a speed times tables test and I did it up to 12 – Meah

In handwriting I am beginning to learn how to join my letters – Jack

In HWB we learned the 3 ways of germ travel – Direct/indirect/airborne – Chloe

I enjoyed playing badminton in PE – Cyrus

We were learning how to win a point in badminton – Kieran

I learned how far a sneeze can travel and it is 6 feet – Angus

I enjoyed doing our speed times tables on Friday – Ffion

I enjoyed making the 3D Nessie, stuffing it with paper – Tia

We are making a map of the Battle of Bannockburn which has been good – Melissa

In writing we wrote a newspaper article about Bannockburn and I enjoyed it – Kelsey

I liked learning the Scottish song for the Scottish night – Helen

We are learning Robert Burns poems and I am reciting Address to a Haggis – Toby

We did an experiment with a bottle spray to show how far a sneeze travels. below are the pictures of us conducting the experiment.

One thought on “P3/4/5”

  1. Every time I looked into your classroom this week you all looked to be having a lot of fun and so much learning was happening across the curriculum! What a great week!

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