P6/7 Burst back into their learning.

Pupils in P6/7 have come back refreshed from the Christmas break and have engaged with their learning quickly. We have been researching about Scotland and focussing on the language and exploring how to use this in our writing as well as representing our fabulous flora and fauna through art.

Katie – I am looking forward to our starting work on our Kidnapped Showcase topic.

Wiktoria – I am looking forward to working on Drama and our Kidnapped topic.

Donnie – I am enjoying PE and developing my badminton skills.

Matthew – I am enjoying taking part in badminton during PE.

Chloe – I like learning about all the different wonders of the world. e.g. natural and ancient.

Jowita – I have been learning how to count on using time in maths.

Carlotta –  I am looking forward to showing our homework projects related to the wonders of the world.

Kian – I enjoy learning about time in maths.

Abby – I like learning how to estimate time in maths.

Alice –  I am looking forward to sharing our learning around the Kidnapped topic for our showcase.

Bobby – I like maths and having the challenges for each topic.

Kai –  I am enjoying learning about time differences and durations in maths.

Ryan – I have enjoyed our learning in spelling as this helps us to learn new words to use in our writing.

Well Done P6/7 – Keep up the good work!!!