Learning in p1/2

We have been very busy in p1/2 since returning after Christmas and are settling back in to our routines in class. Here is a little snapshot of what we have been learning.

In PE we were learning how to play badminton. We had to throw the shuttlecock over the net for our partner to try and hit with their racket. Findlay

We were also playing a game called ‘tidy the bedroom’ to practice throwing the shuttlecock over the net. Callum

We have started our new topic on Katie Morag and worked together to make a map of the Isle of Struay with the castle, the post office, the lighthouse, the loch, the forest, the school and Grannie Island’s house marked on it. Kaila

At mental maths we were adding low numbers and learning our doubles using a song. Adam

We then used our understanding of adding low numbers to work out sums with bigger numbers like 100 + 100 and 1000 + 1000 and even 1 million + 1 million! Oliver

Some of our class have joined a group called the Sharks and they have different jobs to do in this group – drink monitor, lay the table, tidy the table and wash the dishes. Leah

In maths we were making quizzes with tricky take away or adding questions and we swapped quizzes with someone else in our group and had to circle the correct answers. Brodie



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