Nursery week beginning 09/01/17

This week, in the nursery, children have been discussing how to stay safe and what they want to find out about keeping safe. Their thoughts and ideas are being recorded in a floor book, please feel free to browse through it when you are in the nursery. We would also like to encourage you to add any relevant comments, for example if you have had any conversations with your child about how to be safe please feel free to add them in to our floor book.
We discovered the children know a lot of things about keeping safe, many knew you should hold hands when crossing the road. Children also talked about how you should stay away from fire and fireworks to stop you from getting burnt. Alliyah told us that you can also get burnt by the sun, the children decided on hot sunny days you should wear sun cream, sunglasses and a sunhat to keep you safe from the sun – something we probably won’t need to worry about for a while!
Rhys told us yellow was a safe colour and that in a car you wear a seat belt so you do not fall out, Willow also said when in a car you must keep the door shut.
Lots of the children told us you need to put toys away so you do not trip over them. While Erin said you wash your hands to keep safe. Iyla said not to go in to the sea and Isabella said do not go near deep water in case you fall in and drown.
Thinking about keeping safe near water we set up a floating and sinking activity for children. We discussed how if something floated it stayed at or near the top of the water and if it sank it dropped to the bottom. We also spoke about how light objects were more likely to float and heavy objects more likely to sink. Some random objects were placed in a box and the children were asked to predict/guess which items would sink and which would float. They did this by placing them in the ‘float’ or ‘sink’ Tray. We then placed the objects in the water to see if we predicted correctly.

Also this week children enjoyed exploring the snow. Some of the things the children enjoyed were; mark making with sticks and tires in the snow,   looking at their footprints and throwing snowballs at Ms Young!

Some of the children tried to blow up balloons, this was very hard to do.