Tay Class Experience Hallowe’en Traditions


Some Scottish children don costumes and pretend to be malicious spirits as they go ‘guising’ around the local streets. It was traditionally believed that, by disguising themselves, they would blend in with any wandering spirits and remain safe from harm. After performing tricks or songs, guisers are given gifts to help ward off evil – a far cry from today’s trick-or-treating, when children get ‘treats’ for simply showing up in costume. In the safe environment of the school, all of our pupils were beautifully turned out in fun costumes! There was a pirate, an astronaut, two scary skeletons, Bat-girl and a Minion.

Dookin’ for apples

An ancient Celtic tradition, this game remains a firm favourite at Halloween parties. Without using their hands, players have to grab an apple floating in a basin of water. Sounds easy, right? Dunking tactics include spearing apples with a fork held between the teeth or, for those with strong gnashers, a big decisive bite. Both methods were used by very determined Tay Class pupils!

Neep lanterns

In the past, communities would light huge bonfires to keep evil spirits at bay. In true Scottish tradition, scary faces were carved into neeps (turnips) to create lanterns that would scare off ghouls wandering in the witching house. Thanks to America’s influence, pumpkins are now as common as turnips for lanterns in Scotland – and are considerably easier to carve. Tay Class pupils are still to decorate their smaller versions but practised the shapes they will need to design their own versions on iced biscuits.

A favourite bonfire snack is hot dogs, wait until you see what we did to make ghoulish fingers, complete with dripping blood (don’t worry, it was only tomato ketchup).

Lots of sweet treats followed to round off a great party in the classroom!

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  1. Angela Watkinson says:

    Pictures look amazing! Looks like lots of fun was had, costumes are brilliant, well done to staff too! Love the ‘dookin’ for apples series of pics, they just sum up the fun of Halloween! Thank you

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