Halloween Fun with Ness Class.

Ness Class have had a busy Friday creating Halloween themed shortbread.  The class worked in small groups to measure out all of their ingredients and to mix them together.   Flattening out the mixture was tricky and the pupils used a combination of rolling pins and hands to do this.  Each pupils enjoyed picking their own combination of Halloween themed cutters with cats, witches, bats, skulls and hats to choose from.  Once the shortbread was chilled baked and cooled, sugar was sprinkled on the top and taste testing commenced with a big thumbs up from all.  Boxes were able to go home for the pupils to share with their families.

After cooking, Ness pupils joined P4 – P7 for the Halloween disco with dancing, games, dooking for apples and costume parades galore.  Lots of fun was had by all.

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