Primary 4 and the Extraordinary Month of Mission

Primary 4 led the school in celebrating Mass for the Extraordinary Month of Mission.

The Pope has asked everyone to think about, pray for and support the Missions in a special way this month.

At St Mary’s we will be …

….  deepening our relationship with Jesus through prayer;

….  being inspired by the actions of our saints, martyrs and living missionaries;

….  increasing our understanding of mission;

….  increasing our support of overseas mission.

Primary 4 worked hard to prepare an excellent display and to design and make their own MISSIO boxes. They made and distributed prayer cards to the whole school.

This is the prayer that we will all pray during the Extraordinary Month of Mission and in the future:

God our Father,

Your Son, Jesus, wants us to share your love with everyone.

May the Holy Spirit help us to bring the light of your love to the whole world,

So that all people may come to see Jesus as their friend and guide.

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.


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