Primary 5

This week we planted Aspen trees in growing trays and put them in our school garden. Luke from the Forth Rivers Project and Peter from EADHA came to help us. They told us all about why it is important to plant trees near the river, especially Aspen trees. We will need to look after them until next term so we will be in Primary 6 when we get to plant them.
Eilidh – it was really fun planting aspen trees.
Alyssa – I enjoyed it because we got to go outside and we will be helping the river in Polbeth.


In our John Muir area we made Journey Sticks and we finished making our above ground pond. Journey sticks are where we get a stick and tie a bit of wool or string round it then add things to it that we found in the area that reminded us of things we have done.
In Maths we were looking at Probability, this will help us with life skills.
Inspired by Newsround we participated in Drama activities about Anne Frank. Some of us had good knowledge on the subject already and we shared our thoughts and ideas with each other.

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