Rannoch Class w.b. 3rd June

Rannoch & Lomond  were in the garden  this week. They were transporting soil using the wheelbarrows, digging and preparing a new vegetable planter, and finished with planting some trees. The garden is coming along so well, everything is growing with some strawberries almost ripe and ready for picking!


Rannoch Class were learning to make a Spanish Omelette! They used potatoes, onions, ham, and eggs to make it. We used some very careful cutting skills for the potatoes. Individually, we had a go at finely chopping the potatoes. It turned out lovely and was tasty – some liked it and some did not! Lomond Class got to taste and smell too!



The boys from Rannoch were learning about money this week for Maths. Here is a group working together on the Interactive Smartboard to solve some money problems!

The boys were learning  more about different types of respect and responsibilities in HWB. They loved playing the game!

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