Homeward Bound!

Our last morning and the weather decided to help us get wet😂

Everyone slept well last night and tucked into croissant, pain au chocolate, cereals and fruit. We have been very impressed with our groups eating this week. Onwards to Crate Building, Initiative and Challenge Course. The rain hasn’t stopped anyone from giving our last activities 100% effort.

Big shout out to Keanan who went through the ‘spider infested’ concrete tubes, Morgan and Kaitlyn for their trapeze dancing after toppling their crates, Kyran for fantastic team work and Riley for surviving an uncomfortable harness.

We are having lunch at 12 noon before leaving for home. We expect to be back at approximately 3:30pm but keep your phones close… a group call will update you as our journey progresses.



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  1. Linda Fisher says:

    Glad you have all had a ball cant wait to see you keanan, p.s your new job when your are home is catching all the spiders around the house lol .

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