Rannoch Class w.b.25th-29th March

Rannoch boys have been learning about Wartime submarines. During the war the Allies used ‘D’ and ‘E’ class subs which had diesel engines and were able to travel a much further distance to protect the Homeland. Some Subs were camouflaged which meant they were not as easy to spot when they were on the surface of the water.

Rannoch boys learned to make Easter Chocolate Crispy Cakes. They were easy to make and very yummy to eat! We had them for snack the next day and took some home.

The boys tried for the first time to complete ‘Hanging Sentences’ for their boost words this week. They managed one or two of them. We are proud of ourselves for trying and we’ll keep trying in order to get better at them!

We did more work on learning about what makes us anxious and how our bodies react to anxiety. We filled in our outline bodies with colours on how we felt, using different colours for different moods and circled the words that tells the story about what we’re feeling inside and out.


We made Mother’s Day Cards for our Mums for Mother’s Day which is this weekend! We all love our Mums!

We also did work on our Autism and what it means to us as individuals, in preparation for next week’s ‘World Autism Awareness Week’  Assembly,  but you will have to log in to next week’s Blog here to find out what we did!

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  1. Laura Fraser says:

    What a very busy week!

  2. Mrs MacDonald says:

    Thanks Laura…and thanks for keeping an eye on our blog!

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