A Good Start to the New Year in Primary 4!

Primary 4 have had a good start to the New Year!

We have been learning to talk about clothes in French. We played Kim’s Game and we played Pairs. We also described our clothes and the clothes that our friends were wearing.

We have started to work on Multiplication and Division. We were building the tables using repeated addition. We coloured in the multiples on a 100 Square and talked about the patterns. Some of us even learned to multiply Tens and Units!

We enjoyed learning about Balances in Gymnastics. We know that you have to keep a balance for at least 3 seconds for it to count.

In Science, we set up our circuits then we tested different objects to see if they are Conductors or Insulators. Conductors let electricity flow through but Insulators don’t. Foil was a good conductor but plastic cubes weren’t!

In Word Boost, we learned to use the words steadfastly, irregular, translucent, scuffling, boundaries and possibility. We are nearly finished The Nine Lives of Montezuma by Michael Morpurgo.

Next week, it will be our Assembly! We are going to bring in some clothes to change into so that our friends can describe what we are wearing! All the Primary 4 Parents and Carers are invited!

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