Golf Galore

Over 35 of our P7 pupils enjoyed their second session of golf at Kingsfield Golf Range today, provided by the Stephen Gallacher Foundation. The boys and girls who attended were working on their chipping this week, using wedges and lofted clubs. We started off with a game of ‘Rory Says’, which followed the same rules as ‘Simon Says’, to get warmed-up before splitting off into teams of 3 for a competition. Each player had to hit towards a small square target 15 yards away, with the aim being to land the ball inside this zone. If we were successful, we had to place one of the golf balls behind us on the noughts and crosses board to earn points for our team. It was great fun, and a huge thanks again to Jane and Stewart our coaches for all their hard work in planning and delivering these sessions!

JG chipping towards his target.
Racing to the correct station in ‘Rory Says’.
Getting warmed up and ready to play.

P7b Achievements

I am delighted to share two P7b sporting achievements today. Firstly, Danielle recently competed in an ice skating competition at Murrayfield Ice Rink and managed to come in 3rd place winning bronze. Well done Danielle, what a fantastic achievement. Keep practising and I’m sure there will be some silvers and golds on the way!

Danielle with her bronze trophy

Secondly, a huge well done to Sam who last night was selected to be ball boy at Andy Murray’s Live Event at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow. Sam was positioned at the net during Murray’s match versus Roger Federer and was lucky enough to get both of their autographs at the end. You’ll also see from the picture below that Sam is wearing Federer’s headband that he wore for the match. If you want to watch the highlights from this and see him in action, you can find them here:

Sam with his signed tennis ball and headband worn by Roger Federer

Mr. Logan