P7b Weekly Blog

Numeracy and Mathematics

This week we started learning about angles and coordinates. We were reminded that an angle is when one line rotates onto another line and is measured in degrees rather than centimetres. The five main types of angle we consolidated our learning of were acute, right, obtuse and reflex angles as well as straights lines. We came up with definitions of how to identify each of these angles, for example, a straight line has to be exactly 180° otherwise it is not a straight line. After spending some time identifying angles in class we moved outside the classroom in small groups using our clipboard to find examples around the school building. We noticed that when you find an example of an acute angle, you have also found a reflex angle. Next week we will be looking for examples around the playground and outdoor areas before discussing uses of angles in the wider natural and built environment. For homework, we consolidated our learning of algebra from before the Christmas holidays by creating our own algebraic problems for a peer to solve. Some of these look incredibly tricky!

Literacy and English

In spelling, we are continuing to extend our learning of unfamiliar spelling patterns and rules, and applying this learning in our written work. We recapped on where we are with our groups novels by summarising the stories so far. In guided reading we have been developing a range of reading skills through our varied independent tasks. Two of our key focuses in writing this term will be note taking and report writing. We are becoming increasingly competent in taking concise notes before using these for other purposes. When engineers, including Hannah’s Dad, visit us next Thursday as part of our STEM work with Mrs. Tulloch, we will be taking notes as they speak and using these to write a follow up report about their visit. We will also be posing them with some pre-prepared higher order questions which we discussed last week with Mrs. Doran. Over the coming weeks we will be learning about creative Scots, particularly famous Scottish musicians from 1970 to the current day. During this time we will be split into groups and provided with the opportunity to plan, prepare and deliver a series of lessons on a musician, band, genre or era of music of our choice. We understand that presenting to an audience is an important life skill and we are looking forward to developing our skills in this area.

Health and Wellbeing

In P.E this week we began a block of football. As many of us have played football before, we spent a brief period of time recapping on the basics before practising our dribbling. It is important when dribbling that we take small, light touches of the football and keep it close to our feet at all times. We were encouraged to use both our feet and have a look around every 2/3 touches in order to move into free spaces. Moving on from this, we used varied surfaces of both our left and right foot (inside, outside, sole, laces) to manipulate the football. Next week will continue our focus on dribbling and close control of the football before applying these skills in small sided games. For homework this week we have been taking selfies doing the actions for our new school values of being kind, respectful, resilient, confident and included. We emailed these to Mr. Logan using Glow and now have them displayed in class on our Health and Wellbeing wall. Come in and have a look!

Coming Up…

  • Monday 15th January – Football league meeting, Xcite Linlithgow, 4.00 – 5.30pm
  • Thursday 18th Janaury – Interviewing engineers as part of STEM project, 9.00am
  • Monday 22nd January  – Netball league meeting, school hall, 4.00 – 5.30pm
  • Thursday 25th January – Scots Family Quiz, 6.00 – 9.30pm
  • Tuesday 30th January, Wednesday 31st January, Thursday 1st February – Lion King school show tickets on sale outside P7b, 3.15 – 3.45pm
  • Tuesday 6th February – Parent Council meeting, library, 7.00 – 8.00pm
  • Thursday 8th February – Linlithgow Academy tour, parent help required, 9.30 – 11.00am
  • Monday 12th February, Tuesday 13th February – HOLIDAY

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    P7b and Mr. Logan

P5’s week.

We went out to observe the birds in and around the playground and field, in order to compare numbers from the Autumn.

Also, we did a colour survey, which we are going to use for data handling in Maths.

We have been talking about friendships, our best friends, and positive and negative influences on our lives.

With Mrs Tulloch, we have been learning about magnets.

P7b Weekly Blog

It has been another exciting week in P7b. On Monday we started off by creating a Christmas haiku poem. We have now come to the end of our poetry block of writing. This was followed by guided reading and continuing with our group novel studies. After break we got into our enterprise groups and figured out the gross and net profit that we had achieved from the Christmas Fayre. In total we made £1,186 and £851 of this goes towards our end of year Leavers 2018 trip. Our P.E session of Monday was basketball in the Community Wing and it was really fun. We were playing small sided games to demonstrate the skills we have been developing since October.

On Tuesday we started off our brilliant day by reading in our groups while the rest of us started our reading tasks and completed our grammar and punctuation. We have been using connectives, they are used to join up sentences and extend/vary the length of them. We were asked to up-level our connectives, for example; meanwhile, additionally and furthermore. Near the end of the day we started on algebra in maths, we were talking about number machines. The very last thing we did on Tuesday was practising Last Christmas by Wham! and Feliz Navidad, a Spanish Christmas song, for Carols Around the Tree next week. Please come along and watch us perform at 10.25am on Friday!

Then on Wednesday we had more algebra. We tackled some problem solving questions with a partner and these were from the GCSE tests from England, some of the questions were really tricky but we enjoyed the challenge and were pleased when we got to the correct answer. Later on in the day, we had science with Mrs Tulloch, some of our parents came in to see us learning about chemical and physical changes.

On Thursday morning we went to Midlothian Snowsports Centre in Edinburgh for our second skiing session. We’re all getting better each week and can’t wait for the next one. It was snowing all morning and made us feel Christmassy! After skiing we had our Christmas lunch in Mrs Gordon’s classroom. Both classes were here so it was packed, but the food was great. Thank you Jessie and the kitchen ladies.

Then on Friday, we had singing practise in assembly and after break we had committees . The Sports Committee were tidying and reorganising the P.E cupboard as it was a bit of a mess!

We hope you all have a nice weekend.

Struan, Ailsa and Ross Wi

P7b Weekly Blog

It’s been another busy week in P7b, so here’s a brief summary of the goings-on…


P7b have been working hard when applying their decimals knowledge when using money. This week we have been focusing on bills and calculating total costs through various word and multi-step problems. Our enterprise projects have allowed us to use these skills in a practical context when resourcing items required and providing Mr. Logan with a total cost for our order. In doing so, we were asked to make price comparisons and attempt to gather quality resources at a reasonable price. On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have Mr. Fryer (Lois’s Dad) in to visit both P7 classes. Mr. Fryer works as a Senior Mortgage Manager for TSB was was able to share his wealth of knowledge around budgeting. He worked closely with each enterprise group, discussing their projects and offering some support to the calculation of their costs and potential gross/net profits.


We are continuing to enjoy our group novels in guided reading; from Adolphus Tips to Alex Rider, and Gangsta Granny to The Hunger Games. Now that some groups have finished their first novel, they have been given the choice as to what text they read next. In P7b we promote an enjoyment of reading through the opportunity for personalisation and choice. Mr. Logan has been impressed with the level of expression we are beginning to use to engage our audience when reading. On Wednesday, we looked at our first ‘shared reading’ text as a whole class. We were studying a poem called ‘Wind’ by Dionne Brand. The poem was written in the first person and brought human-like qualities to the wind through repeated uses of personification. The higher order discussion was great to hear and we were amazed by how many features of the text came to our attention the more we read. On Thursday, we began using our new Big Writing Adventures resource with Mrs. Doran and look forward to more of these lessons in the coming weeks!

Health and Wellbeing

This week was our anti-bullying and racism focus in school. With kindness being one of our school’s values, we must always ensure we treat each other with the utmost respect and in a way which we would like to be treated ourselves. Mrs. Matos delivered our first two Respect lessons where we discussed gender equality and what respect means to us. We compared our definitions with the dictionary definition and rewrote what this looks like in our classroom. This will be used throughout the year to refer back to and promote positive behaviour and relationships in the classroom. We demonstrated kindness by dressing down and donating money to Chlldren in Need on Friday. Thank you to Mrs. Gordon and the Pupil Council Committee for organising such a successful event, and of course to those who baked. The cakes and sweets were delicious! We will let you know in due course how much we have raised.

Coming Up This Term

  • Road Safety Week next week
  • Enterprise project orders to be placed next Monday
  • Pupil Voice Committees next Friday
  • Big Write event in class on Tuesday at 9.30 – 10.30am
  • Last session of futsal on 27.11.17
  • Skills for Learning, Life and Work focus group on 29.11.17 at 7pm
  • Skiing block begins on 30.11.17 at 8.30am – 1.15pm (4 weeks)
  • PTA Glitter Ball and Christmas Dress Down Day on 1.12.17
  • Nativity performances on 6.12.17 and 7.12.17
  • Christmas Fayre on 8.12.17 at 9.30am – 12 noon
  • Learning Showcase in classes on 13.12.17 at 1pm
  • Christmas Service at St. Michael’s on 19.12.17 at 6.30 – 7.30pm
  • Carols Round the Tree and Christmas jumpers on 22.12.17
  • Christmas holidays from 22.12.17 – 9.1.18

To all our parents, carers and families, have a fantastic weekend!

P7b and Mr. Logan

It’s getting colder outside!

We’ve enjoyed exploring our outdoor area this week. We left containers filled with water overnight on Wednesday. Look what happened! They had all turned to ice. When we took them inside to show everyone we could see that our ice shapes started to melt in our warm nursery.

We also added some warm water to the frosty, icy ground. It started to melt too but by the afternoon it was very slippy as the water had turned to ice. We had to be very careful. ice-3ice-12ice-16ice-24ice-14ice-11