P1 and Apple Pie!

apple pie
How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
This week we began our journey around the world to make an apple pie! This funny story involves a little girl travelling the world to get the items she needs for her pie because the “market is closed”. To Italy to harvest the wheat, to France to gather the eggs, to Sri Lanka for some cinnamon and so on, until finally picking the apples in a Vermont orchard. We looked at this book as we have been looking at Fairtrade products during Fairtrade Fortnight.
We used higher order questioning to deepen our understanding of the book. We designed a new front cover, looked at the seven continents on a globe and on a map, played a matching game and summarised the story. This book was a wonderful reminder to know and appreciate all the places our food comes from. I hope it makes you want to make an apple pie soon!

Nursery News

Over the last few weeks we have been really busy in Bonnytoun Nursery.

We have been very interested in “Birds.”

We found out penguins were birds too but that they couldn’t fly. We also discovered they came from the Antartic. We added penguins to our water tray but in order to make it a very cold place, we froze the water. We also painted pictures of penguins. Next time you are in nursery, have a look at our display, i’m sure you’ll be impressed.

We have also been looking at non-fiction books and have used the pictures in these books to create our own drawings and collages of birds. Isabel created her own non-fiction book.

Last week we made bird cake and then observed the birds in our garden eating this food. We took part in the RSPB birdwatch and spotted many birds, including a blue-tit and robin. We recorded the birds in our garden on a chart.

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Book Week

We are delighted to announce our Book Week will take place from Monday 29th February until Friday 4th March 2016. We have lots of exciting events organised for this week including:

  • The author Stuart Reid will be starting our week off with a whole school assembly, followed by writing workshops with P4 and P5
  • Linlithgow Library will be visiting hosting story telling sessions, Britannica Online and voting for the Scottish Children’s Book Trust Awards
  • 7 pupils will be visiting the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow to participate in the Scottish Chidlren’s Book Awards ceremony
  • Dressing up as a book character (Friday 4th March)
  • Scholastic Book Fair will be here selling a super range of books
  • Mrs Manlove will be hosting special library story telling sessions for all

Further details to follow!

What’s going on in P2?

Primary 2 have been very busy since returning after the holidays!

We have been continuing our Big Maths work; counting and sequencing numbers to 100, trying hard to remember our Learn It’s, dividing and sharing equally and consolidating our learning of our 2, 5 and 10 times on Sumdog.

It’s all go with our Thinking Reader work to develop our six different reading strategies. Our class novel this term will be Grandpa’s Great Escape by David Walliams. We have enjoyed reading about Jack and Grandpa’s adventures so far, but aren’t quite sure what’s going to happen next. Ask the children for their predictions…

Our new topic is China and we will be learning lots more about it in the lead up to the Chinese New Year on the 8th February. This year will be the year of the monkey and we have been hearing some legends and tales about this animal of the Chinese zodiac. Did you know, the monkey was believed to have been born from a stone egg and carries a staff which he uses to fight? If anyone has anything they would like to bring in for our China display, please feel free to do so!

Mr. Logan & P2