What a busy week we have had. We have been looking at figurative language with a focus on personification. We linked this to National Poetry Day on Thursday and have been writing feelings poems. I have been very impressed with the creativity!
In French and Spanish we have been learning about classroom objects. The children now know how to ask in French or Spanish if they need to go the toilet” in these lessons !
In our Brazil IDL sessions the class have been creating group presentations about an area they wanted to find out more about. 
In maths we focused on multiplication and division of decimals and this will continue next week. We continue our 3 times a week Number Talk sessions to help build mental maths confidence and find new strategies.

We finished our growth mindset sequence of lessons by drawing, discussing and linking the metaphor of the “Learning Pit”. This helped us to understand why being stuck and making mistakes helps us learn! Ask your children to tell you about the learning pit.

Bon weekend from P7a and Mrs Gordon !

P7b Blog


It’s been another busy week in P7b, so we’ll use our summarising skills to give you a quick round up of the action.

In numeracy we have been consolidating our learning of decimals and money. We began by making the link to our previous work on fractions before ordering and sequencing them. As well as this, we have been adding, subtracting, multiplying and even dividing decimals which was very tricky at first. But after lots of practise, we think we’ve got the hang of it! We have been applying our knowledge of money across the curriculum by planning a trip to Rio as our homework task. Mr. Logan challenged us to calculate the total cost for him to travel to Rio for a week next summer, providing details of accommodation and interesting places to visit whilst there.

We have been reading Grandpa’s Great Escape by David Walliams as our class novel and focused on metalinguistics skills in reading on Tuesday. Whilst reading, we identified ambitious adjectives in the story and found synonyms and antonyms for these words using a thesaurus. Who would have known that similar words for elderly could be crinkly, wrinkly and senile! In writing we edited the first drafts of our Rio Olympics newspaper articles and typed up final drafts of these on the Netbooks. It was great to relive the moments when Murray, Farah and Kenny won gold medals for Team GB and tied in nicely with our IDL theme, Brazil.

Speaking of Brazil, we are now 2 weeks into our 6 week block of futsal (a South American variation of football) on a Wednesday. With our specialist coach Neil, we have been transferring what we have learnt with Mr. Logan in football to develop our futsal skills. Developed in Uruguay, futsals are slightly smaller and heavier than a size 5 football and encourage close control, passing and individual creativity. This week, we also split into groups to prepare presentations, acting as both the Scottish and Brazilian tourism boards. We then presented to the class, comparing and contrasting the two countries, in an attempt to persuade people to visit each country. You can see the Brazilian fact files that we created on our IDL wall in class, come and have a look! Did you know, for example, that a rhino once ran in a city council election in Brazil?

Mr. Logan may not be with us next week as his baby is due on Monday 10th October, however, we’ll be back and raring to go for another fun-filled week! Remember, parents’ evenings are on Wednesday and Thursday and the P7 House Leaders and Captains will be given duties each night.

Thanks for reading.

P7b and Mr. L

Lari Don Visit

P5-7 had a visit from children’s author Lari Don today. The children listened to her read some snippets from her new trilogy of Spellchaser novels and were able to ask lots of questions, gaining some useful hints and tips. The first question I was asked as we were leaving the hall was, “Mr. Logan, are we doing story writing now?”, which was an indication of how much the pupils enjoyed the visit! Lari Don’s website is included below if you would like to find out about some of the other books and stories she has written.


Mr. Logan

P5-7 enjoying Lari Don’s story
Lari Don's new Spellchasers trilogy
Lari Don’s new Spellchasers trilogy

Macbeth Performance

P5-7 were lucky enough to attend a performance of ‘Is this a dagger?’ by Andy Cannon from Red Bridge Arts on Wednesday. This is an adaptation of Macbeth for children, celebrating 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare, and tells a tale full of deceit, witchcraft and murder. The children thoroughly enjoyed the play and some of them even had the chance to demonstrate their skills in drama. I’m sure everyone would agree that Ross was fantastic in his role as Lady Macbeth!

Mr. Logan

Some of the children performing
Fraser approaching the three witches

Easy As Yummy Cake!

This year both P7a and P7b decided to take on the challenge of… Cake Fest 2016! We all had the opportunity to make the palace out of cake. In the end ‘The Ladies of Loaf’ won and got to make the cake. After 2 days of hard work they were ready to present their cake at Stirling.

There were lots of fantastic cakes at Cake Fest and unfortunately we didn’t win, however, we had great fun and we had learned lots. Altogether, it was a great learning experience!

You can view our BBC film here:


Photo for the Gazette
  Photo for the Gazette
The finished cake
The finished cake
The edible map of Scotland
The edible map of Scotland
Ladies of Loaf cutting their cake
Ladies of Loaf cutting their cake








By Kiera and Emma

Springfield Sing Their Hearts Out

We are so proud of all the boys and girls in our school choir who did Springfield proud today as they sang at the WLC Class of 2016 event at Deans Community High School. Thanks also to Mrs. Sharp for her ongoing dedication to our school choir and developing musical talent in our school. We also appreciate the help given by teaching staff and parents to get our pupils to Livingston today. Well done all!


Digital Learning Week – May 2016


It’s National Digital Learning Week and Springfield Primary are taking part in this very successfully!

This work has been happening all year and we were really excited to engage with schools in Falkirk to share good practice. Following a visit from children and teachers at St. Bernadette’s and Victoria Primary School, our children also wanted to be digital leaders. After submitting application forms for the post of digital leader, two children from each class were appointed and this news was celebrated in assembly.

This week, our digital leaders (with the help of Mrs McMahon and Mrs McCartney) are delivering a digital leader lesson to their peers. This is really exciting and going very well so far. We look forward to more digital leader work in the future!

digital 1digital 2digital 3

Parent Helpers at Springfield/ Bonnytoun Nursery

parent helpers

At Springfield Primary School and Bonnytoun Nursery we welcome parent helpers at all times and value the contributions you make to our school. As a way of thanks, we would like to invite you to a thank you coffee morning on Friday 10th June at 9.30 am in our school hall.


Thank you to our parent focus group who met last week to look at ‘Family Learning Programmes’. At this meeting, some parents have offered to draw up a useful help sheet for any parents/ carers who are helping in our school. We aim to hold a meeting in school early in the new term to explain the role of a parent helper and procedures etc. We are asking that all parent helpers complete a P.V.G. form (these can be obtained from the school office).

Our school is expanding to 14 classrooms and we are having a little move around. Currently the parent helper room is being used for several purposes and we are looking into this. Please bear with us whilst we are making these changes, moving is always tricky!

We would like to thank all parents, carers, friends and family for your support and help this year  in school. We really do value you and very much look forward to welcoming new parent helpers in the new session too.


Curriculum Rationale – Talking Heads

bonnytounschool logo

On Monday 21st March, we are hosting a Talking Heads session for parents and carers. We really value parental input and would like help to support the priorities in our School Improvement Plan 2016 – 2017.

We are looking for answers to the following questions:

  1. What makes Springfield/ Bonnytoun unique?
  2. What brings the curriculum alive for pupils?
  3. What is it we want for our children?
  4. What are we going to do to achieve it?

We are examining our current school vision, values and aims and want this to reflect the school community.

We would like our rationale to ensure the whole school community has a shared understanding of what we are trying to achieve. As our school moves forward, we recognise the importance of taking quality time to evaluate and review curriculum innovation and learn from evolving best practice.

We are really excited to host this session and look forward to lots of parents/ carers sharing their views and supporting us.