What a great virtual sports week we had last week! Huge thank you to Mrs Reid for organising our daily sports challenges and gathering together all of our scores and also to our class teachers for sending out lots of fun and engaging sport-related tasks and activities for us to try.

Well done to all of our pupils, parents, carers and families who got involved, it was lovely to see photos and videos of what you’ve all been getting up to! We’ve had over 180 pupils submit scores, 1,800 daily challenges completed and travelled the equivalent of Edinburgh to Leicester in the house distance challenge! That’s a massive 391 kilometres!

I’m sure you’re all eager to hear who is this year’s winning house and the new holders of the House Cup, but there’s one more little step to take before you can find out. Click on the link below to see the results from the week, including: our winning house, the highest scoring pupil in each class, the winners of the house distance challenge and even our top 3 parents!

Springfield Virtual Sports RESULTS


Mr Logan

Virtual Sports Week

Next week will be our Virtual Sports Week!

From Monday 15th of June – Friday 19th June I would like to invite all our pupils and families to take part in our Virtual Sports Challenges.

For each challenge you complete you will score points for your school house and at the end of Virtual Sports Week we will have a winning house for 2020.

Each slide in the attached Powerpoint will explain one of our 11 challenges and give details on how to score points for your house.

Keep a note of your score for each challenge and then fill in the score form attached and send it back when all your challenges are complete! This can be done using the Forms link on the final slide.

Everyone in your family is welcome to get involved so lets get active and have lots of fun!

Click on the link to access the Powerpoint with all the information you need – Virtual Sports Week


Mrs Reid

Primary 6 – w/e 13/3/2020

This week we have explored money. Some of us have been adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing money, using formal methods to record our answers. Others have been solving problems involving money. A few of us have begun to explore the numicon resources we have in school.

We had our after show party yesterday, where we had lots of fun with a silent disco and nerf gun war.

We have created a plan for a story about Lazy Jack, which we will write next week!

In grammar, we were identifying and using adverbials of time.

We have also had an interesting discussion around ‘fake news’ and how to identify what to believe and what not to believe.

We should all now have a user name and password for both Glow and Sumdog. There is a Sumdog SPS challenge that you can be participating in this week!!

In music, we were learning to read music from a stave.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr


Primary 6 – w/e 7th February 2020

This week in Primary 6 we have continued to explore time, looking at time durations, am/pm time and solving problems related to time and reading timetables.

Our writing task this week was to create a diary entry. We chose to be Via or Auggie from the novel Wonder and created a diary entry as if we were one of those characters.

In Science we have begun to look at chemical reactions and we recorded what we observed when a candle burned for one minute. Ask us what we discovered!!

Finally we had some fun with french numbers outside today, playing games that help us to remember these.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 – w/e 29th November 2019

This week we have been painting our decorations for the Christmas Tree Festival in St Michael’s Church. Some of us helped the Nursery children to do this too.

In maths we have looked at negative numbers and begun to explore angles, identifying their properties and names.

We looked at some examples of persuasive letters and have created a plan for writing a persuasive letter of our own, using formal language, which we will complete next week.

We have almost finished our topic on the Scottish Parliament, this week we created our own MSP, exploring the qualities that an MSP should have.

Some of us auditioned for our part in Fame and we now know the cast and the understudies.

In Science, we continued to look at electricity and we created our own electrical circuits. Ask us what happened when we added more bulbs. We have also looked at conductors and insulators.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr



Primary 6 – w/e 22nd November 2019

This week we have continued with our mathematical art, creating images with squares, hopefully we’ll be able to share some pictures of these next week!!

In maths we have rounded off our current work on fractions, some of us using times tables to work out equivalent fractions, while others were finding a percentage of an amount.

In music we have continued to practise the Fame songs – good luck to all those who are auditioning on Monday.

We had a short assembly from Shelter Scotland, who helped us to understand how they help homeless people. They also thanked some of our pupils for raising money for this charity.

Our literacy this week involved rhyming poems and we had a go at creating our own poems about our reading books. We also uplevelled a piece of persuasive writing, using editing strips.

On Tuesday Jamie from Nil by Mouth came and spoke to us about anti-sectarianism. Ask us what we learned!!

Discussing stereotypes and creating our own characters during the Nil by Mouth Workshop.

Have a lovely weekend

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 – w/e 13th September 2019

This week we have explored compass directions and degree turns in maths. We finished our week, putting our skills into practise with EARL, a floor robot. The pictures show us working on this.

We have put our river topic on hold for a couple of weeks, to focus on our assembly. We’ve researched mythical creatures, written our own assembly script and created factfiles about our mythical creatures.

In music, we have been creating our own song for assembly. We are looking forward to sharing this with you next Friday.

In PE, we have been practising our shooting and passing skills with basketballs.

We had a talk from Burgh Beautiful about an opportunity to help create a mosaic for Linlithgow.

Have a great holiday weekend!!

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr



Welcome to Primary 5/6

Hello from primary 5/6.  Lego people  will welcome you into our classroom.

We chose  mining to display our class charter which we discussed in groups. Next week we will be making our class charter .

In groups, we discussed our feelings for the 5 point scale and are happy with the results.

This week we had a visit from SSPCA. They came to talk to us about wildlife in Britain and caring for them. We played a game about Scottish wildlife and then we did some coding. We made an owl from coding blocks and then we programmed it to move and make sounds. It was good fun . We got a sticker and a pencil at the end.


Photos from our SSPCS visit

For maths and art we drew geostars and then we got to choose whether we wanted to paint them in different shades or tones, or we could choose hot or cold colours and make patterns in the shapes. They look fab.

For numeracy this term we are learning about place value and  we did

M   Hth Tth Th    H T U.  We also did some number talks.



That’s a wrap!

This has been our last week in P6 and it has been very busy!

On Monday we did the Chilli challenge in Maths. This was interesting as it showed us how much we had learned. We read Return To Groosham Grange

( we were trying to read the whole novel in a week).

On Tuesday we had our first buddy tea party in the Nursery, and we took part in a “Would you Rather” discussion.

On Wednesday Kieran came in for our funday. We went to the park, played rounders, sorted out the netbooks for Mr Wells and then had our fun, inflatable afternoon. The sun shone and it was a great relaxing day.

Thursday morning we went to the awards ceremony. This was really nice and a few of us won awards for Maths. We then had our final Science session with Mrs Tulloch for P6. In the afternoon we read some more Groosham Grange and finished moving things around in the classroom, plus our second tea party.

Today has been a day of mixed emotions. We are happy the holidays are almost here, however sad that we are saying goodbye to Miss Baillie, but excited to be moving into P7- phew who knew we could feel so many emotions at the same time!

Have a fantastic summer and we will be back with more updates in August (as P7a 🙂  )

Signing off,

P6a and Mrs Newton 🙂

P.S. We finished Return to Groosham Grange 🙂 🙂

Marches, transitions and new classes.

This has been a quick week as we had Tuesday off for the Marches, most of us went to watch and it was good fun.

We have almost completed our class talks on global issues, these have been very informative and eye opening. We are all going to try and reduce our use of plastics as these are having the biggest impact on the planet.

On Wednesday some of us helped with the Nursery sports day and the rest of us got to go and watch. It was very funny and cute 🙂

On Thursday we had our tranisition to P7 and got to see our new classroom and meet Mrs Matos. We think it will be a fun year.

Today we finished working on our JASS folders and Mrs Newton is going to sign these off (if we have covered everything) next week.

Next week is our last as P6’s, we have had a small taste of being P7’s when we did door duty and we are looking forward to it.

Kieran is coming in on Wednesday for our fun day and we think we will get to do Quidditch and Rounders, plus a visit to the park!

On Monday we should bring a bag with us to take home our work from this year, we will take our PE kits home on Wednesday.

In our school bags today are our report cards, please do look for these 🙂

Have a lovely weekend,

P6a and Mrs Newton.

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