Happy New Year from P2B

Happy New Year! We have had a busy first week back at school!

This week we have been exploring winter as a season. On Tuesday afternoon, we read a story called ‘Home in the Snow’ and we looked for clues about cold weather in the pictures. Afterwards we discussed different words to describe ‘snow’ and then using these interesting words, we worked with a partner to create a snow acrostic poem. Our poems are going to be displayed in our infant area.

On Wednesday and Thursday we created our own winter landscapes. We looked at some famous paintings of winter landscapes and  discussed how they made us feel. Miss Harrison showed us how to mix paint to create light and dark shades and then we created our own winter backgrounds. On Thursday (once our backgrounds were dry) we explored how to create lines of varying thickness and length and added detail to our paintings. We were very proud of our winter art work!

This week our new sound was ‘tw’. We made ‘tw’ words on our magnetic boards and used our knowledge of our letter blends to solve jumbled ‘tw’ words. Some of us also learned the sounds ‘pl’ and ‘sl’. Our common words this week were ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’. We were able to create questions using these common words.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have started to look at subtraction. At the beginning of the week, we revised our subtraction facts to 10. We also looked at how to solve missing number sums such as ?-2=6 and 9-?=5. To revise our subtraction facts, we played ‘Sten’s Party’ on Education City and discussed subtraction strategies during Number Talks. On Thursday we learned to subtract a single digit from a teens number. We used subtraction facts that we already knew to help us. For example, when calculating 17-4 we used the subtraction fact 7-4. Some of us used cubes and number lines to help us to solve our subtraction sums.

In PE this week we developed our movement and balance skills. We played a game called ‘Zoo Animals’ where we had to move around the hall as different animals! Afterwards we played ‘Frozen’ to develop our balance skills and then we moved around an obstacle course exploring different ways of balancing whilst moving.

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx


Happy New Year from P2A

We have finished our first week of 2020 in school and have already been working hard.

Look below at what we have been doing in our play based learning…

In Literacy we have all been learning new sounds: ‘tw’, ‘pl’ and ‘sl’ this week. We have enjoyed using the magnetic boards to spell our words and creating our own ones as well. We completed a jumbled words task where we had to unjumble a ‘tw’ word. We were given clues to help us. Some of us even challenged ourselves and didn’t look at the clues. We listened to a story called the ‘Slimy Slug’ which we enjoyed listening to and finding the ‘sl’ words.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been subtracting within 10 and 20 this week. We thought of all the words that meant the same as subtraction like take away, minus, less than. We did really well as a class thinking of all these different words. We created a mind map to show our learning which we are proud of and have displayed this on our Maths wall. In Number Talks we have been sharing our strategies for working out subtraction sums. We choose between a Hot or Spicy question, some of us have been choosing the more challenging Spicy question.

During story and milk this week we read a story called ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’. It is about the Gruffalo’s Child having an adventure in the wintery wood to find a big, bad mouse which the Gruffalo has told her all about. She goes out to find this mouse but…we won’t tell you the end in case you want to read it! In the book the Gruffalo’s Child wants to eat the mouse for a midnight feast so we were set the task of writing our own midnight feast menus for the Gruffalo’s Child. We discussed what a menu looks like and we got very excited telling the class where we have seen menus before. There were many ideas we thought of, from rat cake to snow topped acorns. We had lots of fun creating them and hopefully the Gruffalo’s Child will like them too.

On Thursday afternoon we watched P6/7 perform their Scottish Opera performance. It was great. We can’t believe they sung a whole story. The songs were really catchy!

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂

Merry Christmas from P2B!

This week we have continued with our Christmas celebrations and activities! On Tuesday we made our own handmade Christmas cards. We cut out different sized circles to make a snowman and then we folded some of the circles to make our snowmen 3D! Afterwards we used pens and glitter glue to add detail to our snowmen. We were very pleased with our Christmas cards!

On Monday afternoon it was the P1 and P2 Christmas party. We played musical bumps, musical statues, pass the parcel and the corners game. We also had party food and we welcomed a very special visitor! Santa came along to our party and gave each class a present.

In Numeracy this week we have been using our knowledge of our number facts to solve problems involving money. We had to use our number bonds to add money amounts and find different ways to make given money totals. This week we also completed an addition assessment to check our understanding. It covered adding 10 to a number, adding a single digit to a teens number, bridging 10, addition facts for 20 and adding 3 numbers. We definitely need our holidays now!

In Literacy this week we have revised all of our consonant blends. We used our blends to make different words on the magnetic boards and we created mind maps for a blend of our choice. On Thursday we wrote sentences by finding the missing ‘gr’, ‘pr’ and ‘tr’ words.

Thank you for reading all of our blog posts in 2019! We hope that you have a happy and healthy Christmas and a fantastic new year.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx

Festive Fun

We have been getting into the Christmas spirit in P2A and we can’t believe Santa comes next week!

We had our Christmas party on Monday where we had lots of fun with the P1’s and P2’s. We played lots of party games like musical statues. The teachers found it really tricky to spot who was moving, we were all so still. We looked very smart in our party clothes, even Miss Muir wore her special reindeer antlers. We even had a surprise visit from Santa at the end who gave us a class present. He was making sure that we were all on the nice list first before he gave us it!

As a class we have been doing some Christmas themed French. We played Camembear’s bauble challenge on his Christmas tree. We had to say the colour of the bauble that was shown to us on the board then find it on the tree. The bauble then had a number on it which we had to say in French to guess another bauble on the tree. We had lots of fun practising our French colours and numbers playing this game. We also learnt some new Christmas words in French. We learned words like Christmas tree and presents. We played a fun presents game to help us with this learning.

We had a special visit from P3 this week. They had created their own games with magnets as they have been learning about magnets. We worked in pairs and the P3’s told us how to play their game. There were so many to choose from such as catch the fish. We were great at taking turns playing the games and being kind towards one another. Hopefully P3 can come back again one day with more games to play!

In Literacy we have been revising some of our blends. We have been able to create mind maps of words that have the blends and been finishing off sentences using them. Some of us were able to make them Christmas themed! In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been solving number problems and recalling our number facts to 20/100. We are looking forward to starting subtraction in the New Year.

We hope you all have a fun filled Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes. See you in 2020!

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂

Lights, Camel, Action! (P2B)

This week we performed our nativity ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ to our families and friends. We went down to St. Michael’s Church on Tuesday for our dress rehearsal in the morning and then we had our first performance in the afternoon. On Wednesday night we had our final performance. Everyone was incredibly proud of us. Our nativity was amazing and it was a huge production for such little people!

To celebrate the success of our nativity, we had a party on Thursday afternoon. We had some party food, listened to music, played party games and watched a film with popcorn.  Miss Harrison said that it was very well deserved.

In Numeracy this week we have been learning to find different ways to make 20. We have also been revising all of our number facts to 20 and we have been learning to add three numbers. When adding three numbers, we added the first two numbers, kept that answer in our heads and then added on the third number. Some of us were also learning to add numbers to 100.

In Literacy this week we have been revising our common words. We have been creating our own sentences containing some of our common words, playing common word board games, making our common words with play dough and playing common word games on our Promethean board.

In our Short Read lesson this week, Miss Harrison read us a very funny story! On Wednesday afternoon, we listened to the story, ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas’! We explored the rhyming words in the story and answered questions about the text. Afterwards, Miss Harrison put some parts of the story on the Promethean board but there were some words missing! We had to work out what words should go in the empty spaces and when we were finished, we read over the text to make sure that it made sense.

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx

Lights, P2A, Action!

What an extra busy week we have had in P2A. It has flown by, must have been all the singing and dancing we have done!

Look below at what we have been doing in our play based learning…

This week we showed our Nativity: ‘Lights, Camel, Action’ twice in one week. The church was such a special place to perform in. We acted, danced and sung our hearts out. We loved wearing all our costumes, it got us into character! Miss Muir was very proud of us all and thought we were all stars. Thank you to everyone who came and for being so kind with your donations at the end of the performances. You were so kind in fact that we did get our special party! We played lots of fun games and had some food as well. Even though we were Nativity mad in P2A we were still learning as much as ever.

In Literacy, we have been revising our P2 common words. We were able to create some fantastic festive sentences, played common word board games in pairs and used play dough to make our words. Miss Muir noticed how kind we were when playing the board games. We were taking turns and helping each other out if we weren’t sure about a word. We could even spot common words in festive sentences on the board.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been recalling our number facts for 20 and adding 3 numbers (2 digits and 1 digit numbers) up to 20. Some of us have even been challenged to solve number facts up to 100 and adding 3 numbers up to 100 as well! To help us with adding 3 numbers we played a game called ‘Dice Addition’. This is where we rolled three dice, wrote the sum on a whiteboard then solved it by ourselves or with a partner. We were even giving each other clues as to what the answer could be. We enjoyed it so much that we were filling our whiteboards full of calculations! Miss Muir couldn’t believe how many we had solved. We were very proud of our work so we showed the class.

We have had a fun week this week but are definitely needing a well-earned rest. We hope you have a relaxing weekend and see you next week ready for a busy last week of term.

P.S. Please remember party clothes for Monday!

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂

Nativity and Christmas Fayre (P2B)

In Literacy this week we have been learning the sounds ‘sn’ and ‘sp’. We wrote a sentence containing ‘sn’ words and we made ‘sp’ words on our magnetic boards. Some of us also learned the sounds ‘fl’ and ‘gl’. In our Short Read this week we looked at ordering a piece of text. We read a story called ‘The Mischievous Elf’ but it was all jumbled up! We worked together to put the paragraphs in the right order using clues from the text.

In Numeracy this week we have been learning addition facts for 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. We have been using number lines, concrete materials and counting on to help us to solve different number facts. We have also been using our knowledge of ‘number families’ to explain our addition strategies and we know that it doesn’t matter which way round the numbers in an addition are written as they give the same answer. Some of us have also been learning to use our number bonds to make given totals to 100. We have enjoyed playing different addition games on the Promethean board to revise our number facts.

On Tuesday we went to St. Michael’s Church to practise our nativity ‘Lights, Camel, Action’. Miss Harrison was very proud of us as our behaviour walking to the church and back was excellent. We were also confident with delivering our speaking parts on the stage and we participated well in performing the songs. On Wednesday we had our first dress rehearsal! We put on our costumes and we performed our nativity to St. Michael’s Day Care Centre and the children from the nursery. Our audience really enjoyed our performance and we hope that our families and friends will enjoy it next week too!

On Thursday we had our Christmas lunch. We wore our Christmas jumpers, listened to Christmas music and had either turkey, macaroni cheese, steak pie or our own packed lunch. Christmas has definitely arrived in Springfield!

On Friday it was the PTA Christmas Fair. We made reindeer, elf and snowmen lollipops and 3D Christmas trees to sell. Before the Christmas Fair we had to decide on a price for our products. We enjoyed running our own stall and experiencing running an enterprise. Thank you to everyone who supported our stall at the PTA Christmas Fair. As well as running our own stall, we got time to browse the other stalls and we got to meet a very special person, Santa!

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx

Christmas Lunch, Number Facts and New Sounds

It is officially the first week of December! In P2A we have been very busy practising our Nativity and having fun using our class advent calendar each day. We are counting the sleeps until Santa comes!

In Literacy we have all been learning new sounds: ‘sn’, ‘sp’, ‘fl’ and ‘gl’ this week. We have enjoyed using the magnetic boards to spell our words and like to show children in the class what we have created. Some of us created our own small stories with the ‘sn’ sound. We were able to use more than one ‘sn’ word in a sentence sometimes. Miss Muir was really impressed and some of them even made Miss Muir laugh as well. In small groups we thought of as many ‘sp’ words as we could think of using whiteboards. We thought of lots and lots. You can see in our photos below!

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been recalling our number facts for numbers between 13 and 19 this week. We have used Christmas objects on the board to help us with this. We enjoy counting them as a class. Some of us have even been solving number facts for numbers between 30 and 80. Lots of us have been having a go at creating our own number facts and creating number fact mind maps during free play. We have also been challenged to try out each other’s number fact questions. Miss Muir has also been creating Christmas number fact problem solving questions to help us with our learning.

We have also had our Christmas lunch. We got to wear our Christmas jumpers and eat lots of food! The hall had a massive Christmas tree with lights and had Christmas music playing. We were completely stuffed after all the food we ate and could have went for a nap in the afternoon!

We can’t wait to show you ‘Lights, Camel, Action’ next week in the church. We love our costumes and can’t get the songs out of our heads! We have been practising really hard over the past few weeks and are looking forward to showing you it.

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂

Dinosaur Reporters in P2A

We are excited that December is next week and we have been busy preparing for all that is to come next month! Please take a look at our post to see all our hard work.

In Literacy we have all been learning new sounds: ‘sk’, ‘sm’, ‘bl’ and ‘cl’ this week. One of our tasks was to write ‘sk’ words in the skirt. We did this really well and even managed to create our own sentences using these words. We even included some of our other sounds we have learned in P2 into our sentences. During free play some of us created our own mind maps or “word maps” on paper and whiteboards. We were kind and helped each other out with some of the spellings. We had become reporters again this week in P2A. This time we were reporting on Dinosaurs coming to school. We had to think about what would a dinosaur do if they came to Springfield Primary? There were lots of ideas that ranged from wearing dresses in the home corner to giving children piggy backs in the playground. We were also able to create our own interesting headlines that would make people want to read our reports. Miss Muir challenged us to write an opening sentence this time and write more than one sentence for what happened when the dinosaur came.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been learning about a new addition strategy called bridging. Some of us have found this challenging so we have been kind by helping each other out. Bridging is when we cross over a 10 then keep counting on whatever is left over. We found it easier when we add the biggest number first then the smallest number. We discovered that it doesn’t matter which way the numbers are in a calculation you will still get the same answer. In partners we were able to create our own calculations with bridging. We also have been recalling our number facts for 11 and 12. Our dinosaurs have been helping us with this learning as well!

We have had fun this week creating Stick Man pictures during free play. We used cold colours to create our pictures and different materials to create our works of art. Miss Muir even has a space on the walls now so we can put up more of our pictures as we like to be creative!

We have also been making our crafts for the Christmas Fayre. We really enjoyed using the glitter to make them! We won’t tell you what we made as it is a surprise but here is a sneak peek…

We hope you have a lovely weekend. See you in December!

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂

Dino News and Christmas Enterprise (P2B)

This week, we have been learning to write a newspaper report. We looked at an example of a newspaper report titled ‘Bears Burgled’ which told the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We looked at the headline and discussed how the picture gave the reader more information. Afterwards, we worked with our learning partners to share our ideas on what would happen if a dinosaur came to school! We created our own headlines and drew a picture to help the reader. On Wednesday Miss Harrison gave us a copy of the newspaper report ‘Bears Burgled’ and we looked for ‘who’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘what’. Finally we used our pictures to help us to write our newspaper reports. We used an opening sentence to tell what our reports were about and we included who, where, when and what. Some of us also included an eyewitness quote!

This week our new sounds have been ‘sk’ and ‘sm’. We created our own ‘sk’ sentences and we made ‘sm’ words on our magnetic boards. Some of us were also learning the sounds ‘bl’ and ‘cl’. We also revised our common words ‘could’ and ‘where’ and looked for our common words in our reading books.

In Numeracy we were learning to add bridging 10 (9+4, 8+6). We used ten frames to help us to make 10 first and then we counted how many were left and added this to 10 to make our answer. Some of us used our fingers to count on and some of us used number lines to solve our addition tasks. This week we were also learning to recall addition facts for 11 and 12 as well as solving missing number sums.

Even though it’s still November, Christmas activities have started in our classroom! We have been working hard during our nativity practices and we have been making products to sell at the Christmas Fair. On Thursday afternoon we made reindeer, elf and snowman lollipops! We used different materials to make our own lollipops and we were very pleased with our results.  On Friday Mrs Anderson came to help us to make 3D Christmas trees. We used pipe cleaners for the tinsel, lots of glitter and pom poms for the baubles. We are looking forward to selling them next Friday at the Christmas Fair.

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx