What a great virtual sports week we had last week! Huge thank you to Mrs Reid for organising our daily sports challenges and gathering together all of our scores and also to our class teachers for sending out lots of fun and engaging sport-related tasks and activities for us to try.

Well done to all of our pupils, parents, carers and families who got involved, it was lovely to see photos and videos of what you’ve all been getting up to! We’ve had over 180 pupils submit scores, 1,800 daily challenges completed and travelled the equivalent of Edinburgh to Leicester in the house distance challenge! That’s a massive 391 kilometres!

I’m sure you’re all eager to hear who is this year’s winning house and the new holders of the House Cup, but there’s one more little step to take before you can find out. Click on the link below to see the results from the week, including: our winning house, the highest scoring pupil in each class, the winners of the house distance challenge and even our top 3 parents!

Springfield Virtual Sports RESULTS


Mr Logan

Virtual Sports Week

Next week will be our Virtual Sports Week!

From Monday 15th of June – Friday 19th June I would like to invite all our pupils and families to take part in our Virtual Sports Challenges.

For each challenge you complete you will score points for your school house and at the end of Virtual Sports Week we will have a winning house for 2020.

Each slide in the attached Powerpoint will explain one of our 11 challenges and give details on how to score points for your house.

Keep a note of your score for each challenge and then fill in the score form attached and send it back when all your challenges are complete! This can be done using the Forms link on the final slide.

Everyone in your family is welcome to get involved so lets get active and have lots of fun!

Click on the link to access the Powerpoint with all the information you need – Virtual Sports Week


Mrs Reid

P2A’s Weekly News

Please have a look at what we have been doing in our play based learning this week…

In our Relationships topic we looked at food chains. We discussed what we already knew about them. We then watched Dr Binocs who was great to watch to introduce us to food chains. We learned that the animals in a food chain depend on each other. We learned what the words producer and consumer mean. We now know that a producer is always at the start of a food chain. We explored different food chains and the animals that are in them from sea to woodland animals. We participated in various activities as individuals or in small groups.  We played a food chain challenge game on the board which we did really well in. We even took part in a food chain quiz!

In Literacy it has been our second week of learning the ‘u-e’ sound. We watched and sang along to the Jude the Mule song where we picked out lots of u-e words. We enjoyed watching Jude the Mule fly in the parachute. That was the biggest u-e word we had ever seen! Using the magnetic boards we were shown picture cards with missing letters of u-e words. We had to show what the missing letters would be using our boards. Some of us after drew our own u-e picture cards which the class had to figure out at the end of the lesson. We also enjoyed figuring out what common words were hidden behind Bullseye and some of us played another round of common word scavenger hunt in the open area. In writing we wrote a procedure based on what we had been learning about food chains. We read the story ‘Ronald the Rhino’ and used the animals in the story to create a food chain. We had to make sure we wrote our food chain in order and described what happened at each stage. Some of us even used challenge words such as first, then and producer.

In our Money topic for Numeracy and Mathematics we have continued with adding different amounts of coins within 20p and £1 to make a given total. We have also been adding up coins to 30p, 50p and/or £2. We are still enjoying playing the Toy Shop game on the board and playing in our very own toy shop in the classroom. In Time this week we looked at the months of the year. We were able to order them correctly and say them backwards in order…mostly! We learned what the terms ‘month before’ and ‘month after’ meant too.

In P.E we looked at improving our coordination. We practised catching and throwing by participating in different activities. We played Keep the Garden Tidy, Zookeeper Tig and Flick and Catch. Flick and Catch was challenging. We discussed the challenges of it and what we could do to overcome it. We then tried it again and it got a little easier. Practise makes perfect!

Stay safe and we hope to see you again soon to share our learning.

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂


Food Chains and Months of the Year (P2B)

This week, as part of our ‘Relationships’ focus, we have been learning about food chains. We have been exploring different food chains and learning about how animals and plants depend on each other for food. On Tuesday, we learned that each food chain starts with a producer and that the arrows show the flow of energy. We created food chains using the small world animals, stacked cups with different animals to make a food chain, played a Food Chain Challenge game on the Promethean board and drew different examples of food chains.

In writing we learned to write a procedure. We listened to a story called ‘Ronald the Rhino’ and discussed the events and characters in the story. One of the main characters was a python. We explored an example of a food chain featuring a python and for our plan, drew the food chain using arrows to show the energy flow. On Wednesday we used our diagrams to write about our food chain. We used words such as ‘first’, ‘then’, ‘next’ and ‘finally’ to order our writing.

In Numeracy and Mathematics, we have been learning to add coins to 50p. We have been adding with 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins and we have been making different money amounts using these coins. Some of us have also been adding coins to £1. This week we also looked at using different ways to make the same money total. On Thursday we completed our work with time and learned to sequence the months of the year. We listened to a song about months of the year and then we put the months of the year in the correct order. In Number Talks, we have been exploring the strategy ‘Making Tens’. Miss Harrison put some beads on a rekenrek and we discussed how many beads we could see and how we could see them. Sometimes there were 6 and 4 beads or 7 and 3 beads and we used our knowledge of number bonds to work out that there were 10 beads. Then Miss Harrison put some more beads on the rekenrek and we made 10 beads first and then worked out how many extra to count on.

This week we revised the sound ‘u-e’. We wrote different ‘u-e’ words on our whiteboards and we self-assessed our work. After each ‘u-e’ word, Miss Harrison told us the correct spelling and we checked our own words and marked our work! We also wrote sentences containing ‘u-e’ words. Some of us were also revising our common words.

In PE this week, we continued to develop our movement skills. We played ‘Shark Attack’ as a warm-up activity and then we rotated round different stations which helped us to develop skills such as throwing, catching, skipping and jumping. Afterwards we had a whole class game of Benchball. Miss Harrison had to play as well to make the teams even! It was an interesting game!

In Art we looked at adding detail to images using different media. We don’t want to say anything else about our art work as it will spoil the surprise! Miss Harrison did say however that we worked very hard with our work and put in a lot of effort!

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that we can share our learning with you again soon and we send lots of love and wishes to everyone during this difficult time.

Take care.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx

Looking after a baby (P2B)

This week we started our ‘Relationships’ trail in P2. We will be learning about the tasks required to look after a baby, talking about how the type of food we need changes as we grow and exploring food chains. To begin our ‘Relationships’ focus, we looked at the tasks involved in looking after a baby. We thought about our own personal experiences and discussed if we had helped to look after a baby before and what we did to help. Afterwards, we learned about the tasks required when looking after a baby and we drew pictures of things a baby needs and things a baby doesn’t need.

In writing we created instructions on how to look after a baby! On Tuesday, we drew four different pictures of tasks involved in looking after a baby to help us to plan our writing. On Wednesday, we looked at creating a list of equipment needed and we learned how to use bullet points to list our ideas. Our challenge was to explain why each item was needed in our instructions. We created fantastic instructions which were clear and we used bullet points to list each item and step.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been learning to make money amounts using different coins. We had to tick the coins we needed to make different money amounts and we had to lay out and list the coins to make totals to 20p. Some of us also learned to make money amounts to £1. We played ‘Show Me the Money’ on Education City and ‘Toy Shop Money Game’ on Topmarks to revise our learning. On Thursday, we learned to calculate time durations in hours. Using digital clocks, we learned to find times one hour before with o’clock and half past times. In Number Talks, we have been using the strategies ‘Doubles’ and ‘Near Doubles’ to solve different number sentences.

This week we learned the ‘u-e’ sound. We made ‘u-e’ words on our magnetic boards and we used our blending skills to spot which words were real ‘u-e’ words and which words were nonsense words. Some of us were also revising our common words. We played a common words Snakes and Ladders game and we played Bingo to help us to identify our common words.

This week we have been continuing to explore non-fiction texts. We discussed the difference between fiction and non-fiction and we looked at the contents page, glossary and index. There were also different diagrams which helped us to find information. One of our non-fiction books was about the solar system so we used it alongside EaRL to name and locate each planet.

This week we have been continuing to use EaRL during play to create programs and to learn to correct errors/bugs. We have also been exploring simple electrical components. Some of us have also been busy creating images and models using different materials. There is always so much going on in P2B!

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a happy and healthy weekend,

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx

Money and Magic ‘e’ in P2A

We have had fun learning a new sound, finding out how to look after a baby and buying toys with money from a toy shop.

Please have a look at what we have been doing in our play based learning this week…

In Health and Wellbeing we have started our Relationships topic for the next couple of weeks. This week we looked at how to look after a baby. We had great discussions about when we have helped look after a baby and what we did. We even carried out a class survey using tally marks to see who had a baby in their family or had little brothers/sisters. We then looked at the basic needs of a baby. Why they cry, why they need love and why they need cared for. We were able to draw and write what a baby needs and doesn’t need. This helped us with our writing this week too, keep reading to find out what we wrote.

In Literacy we have looked at magic ‘e’ and some of us have been revising our common words. We have been learning what ‘u-e’ sounds like with help from Geraldine the Giraffe. We did really well using the magnetic boards to sound out and blend ‘u-e’ words. Some of us even came up with our own such as rule. We also completed a task where we had to find out real and nonsense ‘u-e’ words. Some of these made no sense at all! We liked playing Bingo when revising our common words. We even played common word snakes and ladders which was really fun. Some of us have also been creating different magic ‘e’ words using Lego. In writing we wrote instructions of how to look after a baby.  First we read a story about a princess called Polly who was going to be a big sister. We then drew 4 pictures of tasks involved when looking after a baby. We all put lots of effort into our pictures because they would help us with our writing. When we were writing our instructions we used bullet points to show what equipment would be needed and how the equipment helped to look after a baby. Some of us even explained why it is important to do these tasks.

In our Money topic for Numeracy and Mathematics we have continued with adding different amounts of coins within 20p and £1 to make a given total. We played a game called Toy In The Bag where someone from the class closed their eyes, picked a toy from the bag, checked the price tag then the class helped by using coins to pay for the toy. We have really enjoyed the games on the board to help us with our learning. Our favourite one this week is the toy shop money game where we buy lots of different toys. Some of us were even choosing to challenge ourselves and go beyond £1. In Time this week we have been looking at one hour before a given time. We wrote our answers in digital time and some of us even wrote it in analogue time too.

In Science with Mrs Bergarnie we did our last lesson in melting and freezing. We completed a task where we had to organise what freezes and what melts. We used words like solids, water vapour and condensation.

We hope you enjoy the weekend. See you soon!

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂

EaRL, Toy Museums and Book Day (P2B)

We have had a very busy week in P2B!

As part of our IDL focus on Toys, we looked at programmable toys. Miss Harrison introduced us to a programmable toy called EaRL. We discussed his instruction buttons and Miss Harrison showed us how to program EaRL. We also learned what ‘algorithm’ and ‘debug’ mean. In groups, we planned routes for EaRL on the different mats. If we encountered any problems then we had to fix them.

This week we learned to write a recount. On Tuesday, we listened to a story called ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’. We discussed the characters in the text, the main events and what happened at the beginning. middle and end of the story. To plan our writing, we drew pictures of the beginning, middle and end. On Wednesday and Thursday, we used our plans to write our recounts. We made sure that we put the main events in the correct order and we used different joining words.

In our Short Read lesson this week, we completed a Jigsaw Jumble activity. We listened to the audiobook ‘Aliens love Underpants’ and then we looked at sentences that the aliens had jumbled up! We had to rearrange the sentences using clues from the text. We knew that the word beginning with a capital letter would go at the start of the sentence and we knew that the word which had a full stop after it would go at the end of the sentence. Working together, we were able to rearrange the sentences.

This week we revised the sound ‘o-e’. We drew and wrote ‘o-e’ words and we used picture clues to write ‘o-e’ words on our whiteboards. At play, we made ‘o-e’ words with Lego. Some of us were also revising our common words. We played Bingo and a memory game to practise identifying our common words.

In Numeracy and Mathematics, we learned to tell times one hour later and calculate durations in hours. We played a game on Education City called ‘Stig and the Bus’ where we had to calculate time durations. Using analogue and digital o’clock and half past times, we also found the times one hour after. This week we also started to look at money. We revised identifying coins and then we learned to sort the coins from the least value to the most. Some of us were given a coin and we have to sort ourselves according to our value. Afterwards we learned to add coins to 20p. We used our knowledge of number bonds to help us to add money amounts.

On Thursday it was World Book Day. We created big front covers of some of our favourite texts that we have read in P2. These are going to be displayed in our school library. On Thursday morning we had a special visitor. Lynne Rickards, a children’s book author, came to visit to read us her new book ‘Willow the Wildcat’. She is the author of ‘I Do Not Eat the Colour Green’, ‘Never Bite a Tiger on the Nose’ and ‘Harris the Hero’. We also asked her some questions about being an author. On Thursday afternoon, we went to the P1 assembly on World Book Day. During play we created our own Book Day bookmarks and some of us were also working on writing our own books!

On Friday we had a BEAR event. Our families came in to our classroom to look at what we have been learning in our Short Read lessons. Together we completed activities such as Blankety Blank, Text Marking, Picture It and Integrate It. In Blankety Blank, we had to work out which words should go in the empty spaces in the story ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’. Using description from the text, we drew the character in Picture It. For Integrate It, we had to use key information from the text to complete the diagram. In Text Marking, we had to spot common words in books from our reading area.

Thank you for reading our blog post.

We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx

Lost in the Toy Museum and Aliens Love Underpants in P2A

It has been another busy week in P2A where we have been learning non-stop. Please have a look at what we have been doing in our play based learning this week…

In Literacy we have looked at magic ‘e’ and some of us have been revising our common words. We have been learning more about ‘o-e’ and remembering the sound that this makes in words. We watched an Alphablocks clip to remind us of ‘o-e’. We enjoyed watching and listening to all the sounds. Some of us went on a common words scavenger hunt. We had fun looking for all the words around the infants area. Some of us enjoyed making words using the magnetic letters in the glitter. The wand came in very handy when we were making them! In our short read we completed an activity called Jigsaw Jumble. We listened to the Aliens Love Underpants audiobook. We then had to rearrange the sentences from the book so that they made sense. We worked well as a team to do this. This week we were learning to write a recount. This is where you retell a story in your own words. We read a book called ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’. We liked the character called Bunting who was in charge of all the toys in the museum. We had to identify what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story. We also tried to include a joining word. Some of us challenged ourselves and tried to use different joining words. There were even pieces of our writing that included phrases that were said in the story.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been looking at time durations. We have been working out what the time would be one hour after any given time. We learned that there are 60 minutes in an hour. We have used our learning about writing analogue and digital time to be able to do this. Some of us could say how many minutes were in half an hour and a quarter of an hour. We also started our Money topic this week where we added coins to 20. We discussed when we have used money, what kind of money we know about and why we use money. We watched a fun money song and played a coins game to help us with this.

For our IDL topic we were learning to demonstrate basic problem solving skills using simple programs. To help us with this we used a programmable toy called Earl. We learned what the words debug and algorithm mean. We then looked at what functions Earl had. In groups we went around different mats programming Earl to a place we wanted him to go to. When he didn’t go to the right place we had to identify the problem then solve it. We call this debugging. We had lots of fun using Earl and we think he might be making an appearance in our classroom again next week!

On Thursday it was World Book Day. Lots of us dressed up as characters from a book we had read. We discussed our favourite books in class, our favourite places to read and our favourite book characters. We also designed our own bookmarks and designed new underpants for the alien from ‘Aliens Love Underpants’. We even had an author visit and had a mystery reader come into our class who Miss Muir knew very well!

Thank you to the parents who were also able to come to our BEAR event this morning. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We hope you have a lovely weekend. See you next week.

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂


We have been busy this week learning in Literacy, Maths, Science and Art. One of our favourite activities this week was creating our own Pop Art pictures. If you read on you will see our amazing work!

In Literacy we have looked at magic ‘e’ and some of us have been revising our common words. We have been learning ‘o-e’ and the sound that this makes in words. We watched Geraldine the Giraffe who helped us at first with the ‘o-e’ sound. We were even able to think of our own words and make them using our magnetic boards. We have played different games this week to help us practise them such as board games and class Pictionary. Some of us played Snap with our common words which was really fun. This is helping us to recognise our common words. We even had the chance to write our common words on the board to see what letters were below and above the line. In our writing we did explanation writing about our favourite toy. We watched a clip called ‘Spot’s Favourite Toy’ which we enjoyed watching. We then had to think about our favourite toy and drew these in our jotters. We also created our own title for our writing. The next day we wrote about our favourite toy. We had to make sure that we were explaining why it was our favourite toy so we had to include different reasons. Using joining words such as because helped us to do this. We did really well checking over our work and looking back at our success criteria.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been looking more closely at the link between subtraction and addition. As well as this we have been revising our subtraction topic. We have looked over the different words for subtraction, bridging 10, missing numbers and subtracting using teen numbers. We liked playing the ladder game where we were asked different questions and if we got the answer right we went into the trees. We got so many right that we ended up in the clouds!

In Science with Mrs Bergarnie we tried to identify mystery powders by looking at what happened to them when they were added to water. We predicted what might happen then carried out the experiment. We noticed that the flour went cloudy, the icing sugar dissolved and the baking powder went foamy.

This week in Art we were creating images using different materials (oil pastel and crayon). We looked at Pop Art, specifically the artist Andy Warhol. We discussed the use of colour and pattern used in these pictures. We noticed that his pictures repeat themselves and Pop out at you! We created our own Andy Warhol style pictures using different toys. We could choose from a tablet, robot or teddy bear. We used bright colours to make sure our pictures would be eye catching.

The whole school had an 80’s themed day on Thursday. We had a fashion show, played 80’s games, listened to 80’s music and we even learned about 80’s toys. We had lots of fun. Check out our 80’s gear!

We have also had fun with our Numicon tuff tray…

We hope you enjoy the weekend. See you soon!

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂


We love 80s (P2B)

This week P2B went back in time to the 80s! On Thursday we had a whole school 80s day! We came to school in fancy dress, participated in an 80s fashion show and completed a Jane Fonda workout!

In class, we learned about toys in the 80s. We watched a video about toys in the 80s and then we designed our own 80s toys! We created new pound puppies, rubik’s cubes, care bears, glo worms and transformers. At the end of our lesson, we played some 80s video games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Miss Harrison wasn’t very good at Pac-Man!

During PE on Thursday we played some 80s games. We played Stick in the Mud, Kerby (using marking spots), Wall-y and Please Mr Crocodile.

This week our new sound was ‘o-e’ and we were also revising our common words. We made ‘o-e’ words, played an ‘o-e’ spelling game, played ‘Snap’ to identify and read our common words and we made our common words on our magnetic boards. Some of us have been writing our common words during play.

In writing this week we learned to write an explanation. On Tuesday, we listened to a story called ‘Spot’s Favourite Toy’ and we discussed our own favourite toys. We drew pictures of our favourite toys and on Wednesday, we learned how to write an explanation. In our writing, we explained why our chosen toy was our favourite toy. We used joining words to link our ideas and we put our ideas in a clear order.

In our Short Read lesson we watched a video about how Lego is made. Using what we had learned from the video, we read a text and identified the silly words. We worked together to suggest a sensible word to replace the silly word.

This week we finished our work on subtraction. Using our knowledge of number bonds and different subtraction strategies, we completed two subtraction to 20 assessments. Our scores were so good that we are going to move on to learning about money next week! In Number Talks, we explored different number sentences and explained which strategy we used. For example, when solving 6+6 we used the strategy ‘Doubles’. When completing ‘9+7’ some of us used ‘Counting On’ or ‘Making a Friendly Number’. Miss Harrison has been very impressed with how well we can explain our addition and subtraction strategies.

In Expressive Arts this week, we explored the work of Andy Warhol. We looked at Pop Art and discussed the use of repeated images, repeated patterns and bright colours. Miss Harrison showed us some of his Toy Series paintings. Afterwards, we created our own Pop Art toy images.

In Science with Mrs Begarnie, we were investigating mystery powders by looking at what happened when the powder was added to water. The flour went cloudy, the icing sugar dissolved and the baking powder was foamy.

Thank you very much for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx

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