Nursery- learning about dinosaurs


Over the last few weeks we have been learning about dinosaurs. The children wanted to create Dinosaur Kingdom in our outdoor area. Dinosaurs were added to this area, they had pretend eggs and bones. Catriona then created her own sign for this land. The next day we had a dinosaur hunt and everyone had to complete a chart as soon as they saw a dinosaur. We have made clay dinosaurs and fossils and have even discovered bones in our sand tray. In nursery we now have a museum with a dinosaur display. We have posters and talking cards which share our learning. We have also been listening to lots of stories about dinosaurs and have created our own non-fiction dinosaur book.





Nursery Learning


We recently collected our potatoes and carrots from our garden. We were delighted with the harvest we had produced. We used our potatoes to make mashed potatoes, soup and potato salad. We have also been using balance scales to help to compare the weights of the potatoes and have been using the mathematical language, heavier than, lighter than and the same as.



Our second chick has arrived. Our children have named them Wendy and Olivia.

Great excitement- 1 chick has hatched

We arrived this morning to find one chick had already hatched. We can already see a tiny hole in another egg and it looks like the second one won’t be long. We’ll post an update later today. 007

Digital Learning Week – May 2016


It’s National Digital Learning Week and Springfield Primary are taking part in this very successfully!

This work has been happening all year and we were really excited to engage with schools in Falkirk to share good practice. Following a visit from children and teachers at St. Bernadette’s and Victoria Primary School, our children also wanted to be digital leaders. After submitting application forms for the post of digital leader, two children from each class were appointed and this news was celebrated in assembly.

This week, our digital leaders (with the help of Mrs McMahon and Mrs McCartney) are delivering a digital leader lesson to their peers. This is really exciting and going very well so far. We look forward to more digital leader work in the future!

digital 1digital 2digital 3

Parent Helpers at Springfield/ Bonnytoun Nursery

parent helpers

At Springfield Primary School and Bonnytoun Nursery we welcome parent helpers at all times and value the contributions you make to our school. As a way of thanks, we would like to invite you to a thank you coffee morning on Friday 10th June at 9.30 am in our school hall.


Thank you to our parent focus group who met last week to look at ‘Family Learning Programmes’. At this meeting, some parents have offered to draw up a useful help sheet for any parents/ carers who are helping in our school. We aim to hold a meeting in school early in the new term to explain the role of a parent helper and procedures etc. We are asking that all parent helpers complete a P.V.G. form (these can be obtained from the school office).

Our school is expanding to 14 classrooms and we are having a little move around. Currently the parent helper room is being used for several purposes and we are looking into this. Please bear with us whilst we are making these changes, moving is always tricky!

We would like to thank all parents, carers, friends and family for your support and help this year  in school. We really do value you and very much look forward to welcoming new parent helpers in the new session too.


Starting School – Welcome to Our New P1s!

starting school

We are very excited to be welcoming 50 new P1 children to Springfield Primary in August. An information session is being held in the school hall on Wednesday 18th May at 6.30 p.m.

This session will be led by the HT (Acting) and parents/ carers will receive an induction booklet, alongside a Powerpoint presentation to get your child off to a flying start from August.

We look forward to welcoming all parents/ carers to our school.

A copy of the presentation can be accessed here for any parents/ carers who were unable to make the meeting.

2016_05_17 P1 induction

All parents/ carers are also invited to our coffee morning on Friday 10th June at 9.30 a.m. alongside our current parent helpers.

We would like to point you in the direction of some useful picture books which will help with the transition to Primary School. These can be found on the Book Trust website by clicking this link.

We hope your child will have a very happy school journey with us and we very much look forward to welcoming them to Springfield. Transition visits have already started and more are planned for the next few weeks. Today we will be visiting Oakwell Nursery with First Adventures visit tomorrow. These visits will be with the child’s new class teacher and/ or the HT/ DHT (Acting) along with their new buddy.

starting school x

Curriculum Rationale – Talking Heads

bonnytounschool logo

On Monday 21st March, we are hosting a Talking Heads session for parents and carers. We really value parental input and would like help to support the priorities in our School Improvement Plan 2016 – 2017.

We are looking for answers to the following questions:

  1. What makes Springfield/ Bonnytoun unique?
  2. What brings the curriculum alive for pupils?
  3. What is it we want for our children?
  4. What are we going to do to achieve it?

We are examining our current school vision, values and aims and want this to reflect the school community.

We would like our rationale to ensure the whole school community has a shared understanding of what we are trying to achieve. As our school moves forward, we recognise the importance of taking quality time to evaluate and review curriculum innovation and learn from evolving best practice.

We are really excited to host this session and look forward to lots of parents/ carers sharing their views and supporting us.

Visitors to nursery

028Great excitement this morning at Bonnytoun Nursery. Last week when discussing , what we would like to learn about “Spring”, our children asked if they could see a lamb. Today we were really lucky to have  a visit from Deliah and Yogi, two orphan lambs. We found out that they were now pet lambs and drink milk from a bottle 5 times a day. Ruth said she enjoyed stroking them  and Caitlin said they liked her scarf. Thank-you to Alasdair and Rhona who brought the lambs and shared lots of information with us. Ruth, Ciara and Euan would now like a pet lamb!! Our afternoon children will have the opportunity to see the lambs next  Monday.