The Apprentice has nothing on P3A!

We have had a fun week in P3A, learning business and enterprise skills.  We  looked at product, pricing, marketing and selling as we prepared for the Christmas Fair.  We all worked very hard to make the items to sell on our stall:  Making reindeer food, Christmas tree decorations using wooden discs,  reindeer and snowmen lollipop holders.  We also bought some wristbands as they were quite cheap and we thought we could sell them for a good price and make some profit from them.

The other products were chosen as we were looking for some environmentally friendly goods to sell, with as little plastic as possible – our reindeer food does not have any glitter as it is plastic and not good for the environment – ours is entirely edible and birds might enjoy it as well as reindeer 🙂  They are in paper bags too and these can be recycled after use. The wooden discs are also all natural products.

As we were making the products we had to think about quality control and make sure they were as neat as possible and of good quality – no one would like to buy something that is falling apart or poorly made!  We were a great production team, the classroom was like a factory with everyone working hard on their job.

In our writing lesson, we learned about persuasive language.. We worked in teams to think of words and phrases that we could use to make signs that will make people want to buy each of our products.  They also had to show information about the product and clearly show the price too.  We also thought about reasonable prices to sell our goods at – taking into account the money spent to buy the resources.  Learning what a profit is.

On Thursday we had our school Christmas lunch. The lunch hall looked great and there was Christmas music playing too.  The food was lovely and we all had a good time.

As the hall was busy with Christmas lunches we had PE in the classroom again this week.  We did some Scottish country dancing, by popular demand (from some!)  The children have been learning Scottish dances with Mrs Reid and we had great fun and good exercise practicing them in class.

In numeracy, we continued with column addition sums and learned about making a profit or a loss when selling goods.

On Friday, we were very busy at the Christmas Fair – we worked hard on our stall, adding prices and working out change.  Some of us even went around the Fair with baskets of products and did really well.  We showed lots of confidence and had excellent sales chat!  We sold out of everything on our stall and we are looking forward to finding out from the PTA what our takings were.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Fair today, it is always great fun and the children get so much out of having their own stall.

Have a lovely weekend, P3A and Mrs Kennedy

Benchball Champs in P3A

We had a great time at the P3 cluster benchball tournament on Tuesday, walking all the way to Linlithgow Academy, playing benchball and then walking all the way back was no mean feat – but we smashed it!  All the children played  well – our practise really paid off,  there was lots of great passing, blocking and tactical moves.  Our behaviour was excellent too and we were a credit to Springfield School.  We took our certificate to Mr Wells when we got back and he was very proud of us  – it is now on the achievement wall.  Thank you to our two fantastic parent helpers for keeping us going on our walk and making sure we got to the correct court at the right times.

We began our Christmas preparations this week.  Each year there is a lovely event in St Michael’s Church called The Festival of Trees, it is on from the 6th to the 8th December.  Local school, clubs and organisations are invited to decorate a tree.  This year the theme is Christmas  Around the World.  Our Language Ambassadors have been busy planning our tree and they asked P3 to make salt dough christmas tree decorations painted like the French flag.  They came to help us make the dough.  Please click the link below for further details.

Festival Of Christmas Trees

In numeracy this week we began with some problem solving – applying our numeracy skills to work out the answers to word problems.  These boys worked particularly hard and were a great team – every answer was correct too – well done!

We also began to learn ‘chimney sums’ or column addition this week.  Working on laying out the sums, making sure we use the squares in our jotters to get the numbers in the correct columns as this is very important to allow us to add the right numbers together.  Everyone made a great start and most really enjoyed this way of adding.

In outer maths we looked at Venn diagrams, we were sweet shop owners and had to sort our sweets according to the colour and pattern on the wrapper.

In literacy, we have had literacy circles – reading and discussing our reading books with a focus on setting this week.  We also worked on a comprehension task for a non-fiction piece of writing about looking after your bike.

In French we are continuing to consolidate our learning of French foods, playing Hangman and pairs using the French  words that we learned last week.

We did yoga in the class for PE, using our Yogido posture cards to create stations which we moved around trying lots of different positions – our muscles had to work really hard to help us to keep our balance.  We had a little meditation and breathing session at the end.

Next week we will be busy getting ready for the Christmas Fair – we’re looking forward to seeing everyone and we hope you visit our stall!

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the switching on of the lights anyone who is going along.

Free Christmas Tree Clip Art Borders

Goodbye James (P3A)

We said goodbye to James and his insect friends this week as we finished reading James and the Giant Peach.  The end of the story was really good and very funny – the poor people of New York did not know what was happening when a giant peach floated over the city!  We pretended to be journalists reporting on the story.  On Tuesday we learned about some of the features of a newspaper article, working in a group to identify the who, what, where, when and how in an article, as well as looking at the headline and some eye-witness quotes. We then wrote notes for our own article on James’ arrival into New York.  On Wednesday we wrote our own articles, they are really good, excellent information and descriptions of events.

In outer maths we made tables and drew bar charts on the colours of Smarties in one tube.  The main focus was the drawing of the bar chart – learning the words axis and axes, labelling them and giving our bar chart a title.  Everyone drew an accurate bar chart and we enjoyed the Smarties afterwards.

We enjoyed a visit to the school library this week.  We are hoping to visit each Wednesday so please bring back books then.

As part of Book Week Scotland and our own campaign to further engage the children in reading, we had another BEAR (Be excited about reading) event on Friday.  It was nice to read by torchlight, with an open ‘fire’ in the classroom, a different reading experience 🙂 We were very lucky to receive our Read, Write, Count bags on Friday too.

Thank you to everyone who handed in sticks, the teachers and support staff have been working hard this week to transform the corridor play area with lots of Stick Man related activities and even a family tree!  We have really been enjoying playing in the new areas and being Play Leaders there too.

That’s all for this week, have a good weekend, P3A and Mrs Kennedy 🙂

Stick Man Mad in P3A

We began the week with a Remembrance Day assembly, we took some time to learn about why we have Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies.  In class there was some paint and red paper, card and other art materials for us to make our own poppies at Learning Through Play time.  At 11am the whole school had 2 minutes silence and we were all very sensible and respectful.

In numeracy, we are still adding 2 digit and 3 digit numbers.  On Wednesday, we worked on quick recall of doubles to help us with our mental addition.  We warmed up by rolling a die with a partner and quickly doubling the number shown.  We then used these skills to double larger numbers, e.g. 42+42.  Some children had a very competitive game of ‘Mathopoly’, each space has an addition sum on it and points are given for working out the answer mentally, there were also chance and challenge cards too so sometimes we lost points!

In science we started making our ‘forces’ models.  Each model had to be something in a playground that involves a force.  There are some very good ideas – rope slides using gravity, climbing frames that you need to pull yourself up, swings that you need to use your body to push.  Although these were started on Tuesday with Mrs Begarnie, we have worked on them every day, to finish them so we can present our model to the class next Tuesday.  Lots of great teamwork, discussion, problem solving, negotiation and decision making going on.  Every child can explain their model well and the forces used either by the play equipment and/or the person using it.

For Reflective Reading this week we read a comic strip and answered some comprehension questions with a partner, we had to read carefully to find all the information.  We also had to answer a couple of inference questions where we had to think about how the characters were feeling.

We are changing our infant play area next week and have chosen the Stick Man  by Julia Donaldson as our theme.  Mrs Hocknull read it to all P1 to P3 children and then in our classes we decided what play areas we would like based on the story.  There are some great ideas and teachers will be working with the children next week to get this set up.

Our writing this week was also based on the Stick Man story.  We had to summarise the main points, in the correct order and then create a comic strip.  These are absolutely fantastic, I’m looking forward to putting them on display so everyone can see our hard work.  Everyone was so quiet when were writing and some were asking for quiet music, so we put on the music from Blue Planet.  It was a lovely relaxing afternoon.  Some of us have began to write Further Adventures of Stick Man, creating our own comic strips.

We finished off the week with a lovely assembly all about Kindness.  Have a good weekend, P3A and Mrs Kennedy 🙂



A Busy Week in P3A

Another busy, busy week.  We began the week continuing our grammar work.  Over the past few weeks we have been learning about nouns – proper and common nouns and have been trying to remember to use capital letters when writing a proper noun.

In Science with Mrs Begarnie we furthered our research on forces.  Mrs Begarnie left some forces resources in the classroom for us to use during our ‘Learning Through Play’ time.  We have had great fun making steeper and steeper ramps!  We have also tested different surfaces and tried our which works best to allow our cars to move well.

On Wednesday, we really enjoyed having some parents and other family members in the classroom to see some of our numeracy work.  We worked in groups at different problem solving activities, sharing our strategies and understanding as we talked to each other.

We collected an amazing 60 shoe boxes in our Shoe Box appeal!  They were collected on Wednesday and are now on their way around the world to children less fortunate than us, there are going to be 60 very happy children – a big thanks to Springfield families for supporting this 🙂


We continued our ‘Reflective Reading’ with a ‘Jigsaw Jumble’ on Thursday.  Our activity was based on our Outdoor Learning topic – The Life Cycle of an Oak Tree – (although we didn’t actually get outdoors as the weather was so awful!) We are now really good at explaining the life cycle – ask us!  We worked in groups to sort out sentences that had been cut in half.  This wasn’t as easy as it sounds – we looked for capital letter and full stops to sort the writing into which strips were at the beginning of the sentence and which were endings.  We then had to read really carefully to check which parts went together to make sense, checking tenses and singular and plural words as we worked.  Every single group managed this task really well – all got 7 out of 7 sentences correct!  We had some visitors from Norway in the classroom during this lesson too, they came to visit Springifled as they had heard about all our wonderful children and they were very impressed 🙂

A few weeks ago P7 set us a challenge to design new pictures to put on our school House display.  We looked very closely and the houses – Ochiltree, Hopetoun, Binns and Champfleurie and drew excellent line drawings to submit for the competition.  The winners will be put on display in the corridor.

On Friday, we had another French lesson on fruits, it is always good to revisit these words often so we really remember them.  We played some games on the smartboard, a corners game and a fun ‘line bingo’ game.  Our vocabulary is getting really good.

Have a good weekend everyone, P3A and Mrs Kennedy

Hawaiian Volcanoes and Halloween in P3A

The October holidays are now a distant memory and we have had a busy couple of weeks in P3A.

Last week we learned about the volcanoes on the Hawaiian islands. At the beginning of our geography topic the children planned what they would like to learn about and volcanoes was high on the list.  Actually,  without volcanoes Hawaii wouldn’t exist – the islands emerged from the sea millions of years ago forged by volcanic power.  We studied Kilauea more in depth – it is a volcano on the ‘Big Island’ and has been constantly erupting since 1983.  To help us to understand of how volcanoes work we got some really good information from the Reachout Reporter website –  we use this in class each Friday to watch the latest weekly science news from around the world, the website address is it is really worth a look.

Although we couldn’t recreate an actual volcano we did some chemistry and experimented with the reaction between vinegar  and baking soda – creating carbon dioxide and making explosions of our own!  As part of this lesson we learned how to carry out a proper science experiment and we wrote a science report, writing about the equipment, method, possible hazards, prediction, what actually happened and what we learned from it.  It was messy but great fun!

To finish off our Hawaiian topic we researched and produced a final piece of writing.  Our job was to write a tourism leaflet to tell people about the best tourist attractions in Hawaii and to encourage people to go there.  Everyone worked really hard and they are all fantastic – eye-catching front covers, lots of good information, laid out really neatly – well done P3.  They made me really want to visit Hawaii!

One of jobs P3 do each year is to organise the Shoe Box Appeal, we launched this last week and worked in groups to make posters to let the rest of the school know about the appeal.  This week, we visited classrooms and told them about the appeal too.  We were all very confident speaking to other classes and lots of teachers have commented on how well we did 🙂 We have quite a few boxes already, please hand any others in on Monday, 4th November.

In numeracy, we are continuing to learn different methods of adding 2 digit numbers.  We have looked at adding multiples of 10, using this knowledge to add near multiples of 10 (9, 11, 19, 21…)  and how to add  teen numbers to a 2 digit number, by adding the 10 then the unit.  We often use 100 squares to help us, Splat Square is a good online one.  In outer maths we are now learning about information handling.  Next week in homework jotters there will be a numeracy homework sheet for term 2 with suggested activities.

In reading we have been working  on becoming ‘reflective readers.’  At the moment we are working on understanding what we are reading and increasing our vocabulary.  Last week we did an activity called ‘Blankety Blank’ where we read an extract from James and Giant Peach – there were some words missing and we had to fill in the blanks with the correct word and then think of other words that would also make sense.  This week we did a ‘Spot the Silly Word’ activity.  This was based on the book Funnybones.  Mrs Kennedy typed some of the book but she changed some of the words to silly words and we had to spot them, we then had to suggest a sensible word.  These are paired activities and as well as reading there is lots of good discussion about words and their meanings.

The highlight of this week was the Halloween party, we all looked really scary in our costumes.  The party began with a spooky story read by Mr Wells – who really got into character!  We played a team game where we had to make the best mummy using toilet roll and played a spooky corners game.  We then had a snack with our friends.  A big thank you to the PTA for organising the food and drinks and helping on the day.

On Friday, we did some French – learning how to say the names of some fruits.  We do a little French each day, including counting, ordering our lunch, classroom instructions and lots of French songs.  We really do pick up the words quickly!

Also on Friday, P1 came to visit to play a pumpkin game.  We worked in teams, rolling a dice and drawing part of a pumpkin according to the number on the dice.  The winners were the ones who drew all the parts first!  It was a fast and furious game and I was really please with how well P3 showed P1 how to play and they took turns really well.  We had lots of sibling teams too 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone – enjoy any bonfires and fireworks.  Stay safe.

P3A and Mrs Kennedy

Hawaii and Hot Chocolate in P3A

I actually took some photographs of maths this week! We are getting really good at using the text books and writing our sums neatly in our jotters.  We are continuing with addition, looking at what happens to the 10s number when adding a 2 digit number to a 1 digit number e.g. 4 + 3 = 7, 14 +3 = 17, 34 + 3 = 37.  Some children were also doing some addition word problems.

In outer maths on Thursday we were organising data using tally  marks and reading the information.  We did a group task and then carried out our own survey’s on our favourite sports – recording the answers in tally marks.  We then used our data to answer questions about it, e.g, which was the most popular sport? How many more people liked football than tennis? We enjoyed doing a survey and we’ll be doing more data handling after the October break.

As we continue our study of Hawaii, we have been learning the names of the islands.  We also compared the weather in Hawaii this week to the weather in Scotland.  We noticed that the temperatures in Hawaii are much higher than scotland and the UV is higher too, however, Hawaii still gets a lot of rain and thunderstorms.  We made our own weather maps and presented a Hawaiian weather report to the class.  We all worked really hard on our maps, writing the names of the islands, temperatures and weather symbols. We also all showed a lot of confidence when presenting in front of the class.

We have been learning about Hawaiian Tikis, these are found in many places in Hawaii, including wooden masks hung on walls and even on jewellery.  Each mask has a different facial expression and has a different purpose. A Tiki mask in a home might be thought to protect people from danger, while another mask might bring good luck.  We had great fun making scary masks to ward off danger or nicer expressions for good luck.

On Friday we had our ‘Be Excited About Reading’ event.  We had a great time reading our books and sharing them with our friends.  The hot chocolate and marshmallows were tasty too!  After the holiday we will begin to increase our reading skills further as we become ‘reflective readers’ through lessons targeting reading comprehension.

What a quick first term!  P3A have worked extremely hard and always give 100%, it is lovely to be teaching such enthusiastic and eager to learn children 🙂

Have a lovely break, see you on 22nd October.

P3A and Mrs Kennedy

Sea Turtles and Sharks in P3A

Following on from our beautiful artwork last week, we have been doing more research on the green sea turtle.  On Monday we did some ‘reading for information’ where we read a passage about green sea turtles and wrote notes on what they look like, where they live and what they eat.  We then used netbooks to find some other interesting facts and took notes on these too.  On Tuesday we used our notes to write fact files about green sea turtles.  We worked hard on our research skills, reading for information is quite new to us and we had to read carefully to find the information we needed.  At the end of the week we did a reading comprehension on sharks.  A lot of us are really interested in sharks and enjoyed finding out more about them.  Again, we had to look closely for words and clues to help us answer the questions. Good work P3A!

In numeracy, we are continuing to learn addition facts to 20.  We have also been reading word problems and translating them into written sums in our jotters.  We have begun doing short ‘Number Talks’ most days, these are mental maths exercises to improve our number sense and to help us  to solve calculations quickly.  We each try to solve the problem in our heads, then we talk with others in the class, explaining our thinking and sharing strategies. There are a few hand signals that we use during number talks sessions and we have enjoyed putting these into practise.

Number Talks Hand Signals in English and Spanish

In French, we continued to practise greetings.  We have been learning:

  • salut – hi
  • bonjour – hello
  • ça va? – how are you
  • ça va mal – I’m not so good
  • ça va bien – I’m good
  • pas mal – not bad
  • bonsoir – good evening
  • bonne nuit – goodnight
  • au revoir – goodbye

We played pairs and snap, matching the phrases to pictures.  It was good fun and it made us say the words a lot 🙂

Our House Captains led the assembly on Friday and they taught us a little about each of our houses – Binns, Ochiltree, Hopetoun and Champfleurie.  It was interesting finding out about the real houses.  They also launched a competition for us to draw pictures of the houses, the winners will have their picture displayed in the school corridor.  We will do our pictures in class after the October break.

Have a good weekend everyone, from P3A and Mrs Kennedy


Life’s Peach in P3A

P3A are really enjoying our class novel – James and the Giant Peach.  We answered some comprehension questions about the story on Monday, to show our understanding of the characters and the storyline.

On Tuesday, we had an adjectives lesson all about peaches.  We listened to Roald Dahl’s excellent description of the peach and worked in pairs to highlight all the adjectives he used.  We tasted peaches and peach juice and  then worked in groups, using our senses to think of words to describe the peach – what is looks, smells, tastes and feels like.  This gave us some great adjectives. Working on our own, we wrote interesting sentences about peaches using some of the adjectives we had come up with. We were trying to write even better than Roald Dahl.

As part of our Hawaiian topic, we had an art lesson on Green Turtles.  We used oil pastels to draw turtles and create fantastic patterns on the shells.  We then used paint for the sea.  They look amazing!  I can’t wait to get them up on the wall.

The response to our request for Aldi stickers has been amazing we now only need about 20 to reach the total of 300.  P3A have worked hard emptying our post box each day and sticking them on the huge poster in the correct spaces.  We’ll keep you updated on the sports kit that we receive and we’ll let you know if we win the £20,000!

There was great excitement this week as we started using maths jotters with squared paper pages.  Going from a workbook where there are spaces to write the answer to using a text book where you have to write out the sum and the answer is quite a big step.  We practised how to lay out the page first and we are now really getting the hang of it.  We have begun addition and we are writing our sums and answers clearly.  We finished our Symmetry topic by drawing our own symmetrical pictures or patterns on squared paper, this allowed Mrs Kennedy to see how well we have understood the topic.  We all did a super job 🙂

In French we have been learning greetings and how to order our lunch.  We had a really good Languages Assembly on Friday led by the school’s Language Ambassadors, we were singing in French, Spanish and German.

Have a good weekend 🙂  P3A and Mrs Kennedy

Lots of Questions in P3A

We flew to Honolulu on Monday!  When we arrived at P3A we had to check in our luggage, then we were all given boarding passes which were checked before we boarded our flight.  We listened to the onboard safety instructions and took off on our journey.

Mrs Kennedy had a suitcase filled with pictures and items to stimulate discussion on what we would like to learn about Hawaii.  We all wrote three questions and our lessons will be planned to answer these as we explore the topic.

Some P7s came to teach us maths on Monday.  They had planned some place value activities for us.  They were good teachers and we enjoyed having them in our class.

In literacy this week, we were practising our questioning skills.  We listened to and watched a story on the Oxford Owl website.  The story was called Paris Adventure.  After the story we worked in groups to come up with questions beginning with the words – who, what, where, when, why and how to check if our friends had been listening carefully.  We came up with really interesting questions and they they were mostly answered correctly 🙂

The Oxford Owl website is free and the ‘e books’ section has some of our reading books.  You can also search for books at the same level as the children are reading in class.

Some busy Play leaders this week.  P1 had a lot of fun.

The school is taking part in the Aldi sticker challenge and P3A have been asked to collect the stickers for the whole school! We need to collect 300 to get some sports kit and to be entered into a competition to win £20,000 for the school.  Please send in any stickers you get.

In PE, we begun to play full games of benchball – it was very fast and noisy and we were really good.  Next time we will work on looking for spaces so our teammates can pass to us easily.

In art we created new front covers for James and the Giant peach using collage.  They are all quite different and there are lots of super designs.

After that busy week, we are ready for a long weekend.  Have fun 🙂

P3A and Mrs Kennedy