P1B Superstars!

What a  lovely week in P1B.  The children were amazing in the nativity, what a fantastic choir, I’m sure you’ll be extremely proud of them and will agree that there is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit.  Here are a couple of photo’s taken minutes before we went on stage:

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We also had fun this week, learning the sounds h and w.  In the Jolly Phonics song for w we sing “I see the clouds moving, w-w-w, I see the kites flying, w-w-w…” so we went outside to fly a kite and it actually worked!

018 019

We also made witches and wizards hats and wands.

043 045 047 048

We were very lucky on Thursday when some P6 and P7 children came to help in the class.  They were excellent and they really helped us with our learning.  The boys and girls really enjoyed having them.  They can come back anytime!

036 038 040 041 044

On Friday we watched The Snowman film.  It was lovely to watch together as the children added the commentary to the silent film, we also listened to the music and spoke about how it reflected what was happening in the film.  We then made some snowmen oil pastel pictures.

053 054 056 051 050059 060 057

Well done P1B on another fantastic week!  Mrs Kennedy

P1B Christmas is coming!

In between nativity rehearsals, making salt dough decorations and the Christmas Fair we have managed to do a lot of consolidation work on our sounds and common words this week, keeping a sense of normality before christmas excitement really sets in!  At the beginning of the week we practised using sounds to make words and sentences and towards the end of the week we concentrated on our common words.   The children are really coming on and it is especially apparent in weeks like this how good they are at reading and writing now.  They are also very good at choosing activities that suit them and their learning styles.


049 051 054 053                          081 083 084 085 086

We had our Growth Mindset Family Learning afternoon on Wednesday.  P1 were learing about resilience. We have been listening to stories about resilience – ‘Giraffe’s Can’t Dance’, ‘Winners Never Quit’ and ‘The Most Magnificent Thing’.  There were challenging activities set up around the classroom, and we had to try each activity with these things in mind: keep trying even if it’s a bit tricky, mistakes are ok, ask for help if you need it and work together.

090 093 104 105 107

We have also been working on near doubles in maths as we apply our knowledge of doubles to work out the answers to near doubles sums.  We finished this off by going outside on Thursday to write all our doubles and near doubles in the playground.

112 113 114 115 116 117 118

We also worked on our salt dough decorations this week, getting them ready to sell at the fair- a huge thank you to Mrs Woolsey (parent helper) who came in to take groups of children to make the dough.  They were a huge hit and we completely sold out!

Nativity practise is going great and we’re very excited to perform for you next week – the children have worked really hard, you’re in for a treat!

Have a lovely weekend.  P1B and Mrs Kennedy

P.S. Some of the children were being photographers this week, taking photos of the learning happening in the classroom, when I uploaded the photos I found these 😉 I did hear some chat about needing a selfie stick!

079 077

P1B – From making dough to collecting trophies!

Another week has raced by!  At the beginning of the week we had a visit to the school kitchen to make play dough.  It was good fun, following the recipe, checking we had the right ingredients, measuring them out and then the tricky part – mixing it together, it was very sticky!  Our dough is lovely and soft and squidgy and we’ve used it a lot to make our sounds and words.

014015 016 019 024 025

028005 007 008 009 010 011 014 015     021 023 024 026 028

As the nights are getting longer, we’ve also been learning about how the earth moves to create night and day.



We’re continuing to look at addition in numeracy, looking at adding three sets of numbers together and are beginning to look at adding larger numbers.

034039 040 041 042 044 046

We completed our study of Jack and the Flumflum Tree on Friday.  When Mrs Kennedy came back from break she had a terrible dose of the moozles, she must have caught them from granny!


Mrs Kennedy also had the sack that granny gave Jack, all the things in the sack helped us to retell the story and put them in the correct order as we sequenced the story too.  We also spoke a little about why Jack says ‘don’t get your knickers in a twist’ and discussed what we can do when we are faced with a problem.

004  006 007

We also got fantastic news on Friday – we are class of the week for a second time and were also the class who have been the most sensible when walking around the school this week.  We got an extra long breaktime as a reward.

011 012Champions!

P1B – Flumflums and Poppies!

P1B have been on the move this week; using our bodies, getting our hearts pumping and brains working as we learn.  In PE on Monday we used our whole bodies to make all the addition sums for 4.

016 017 018 020 022 023

Then we played a running game where there were lots of sums around the hall with no answers, when Mrs Kennedy called out an answer we had to run to one of the sums that adds up to the number she called out.  We’re getting really quick at remembering all the different ways to make 2, 3, 4 and 5 and enjoyed racing our friends to find the right sums.

024 025 026 027 028

We have also been doing a lot of word building this week.  We used our bodies again as we put sounds in hoops to make words and said each sound as we jumped in the hoops and read the word at the end.

040-copy 041 043-copy 044 045 048 051

The whole school has a book focus this week and next and we’ve been looking at the story of Jack and the Flumflum tree by Julia Donaldson.  Firstly we drew pictures of what we think the Isle of Blowyernose looks like and what we might find if we visited there.  The pictures are amazing and Mrs Kennedy wrote down all our ideas too – she had a lot of writing to do as we had lots of thoughts about what it would look like.  We also studied the words in the book to help us to understand the story better.  Our favourite phrases are ‘don’t get your knickers in a twist!’ and ‘I can’t swim for toffee!’  There are also lots of lovely describing words to explore too – heaved and hauled, gobble and guzzle, nip and gnash, as well as the characters – red-cheeked Rose and stubble-cheeked Stew and poor granny with her terrible doze of moozles!

At assembly on Friday we watched as P5A put on a fantastic performance all about Remembrance Day.  They helped us to understand why we wear poppies at this time of year. After the assembly we really wanted to make our own poppies. Mrs Kennedy gave us some resources and in our usual creative way we made lots of different styles of poppies – they were brilliant!

059 060 061 062 063 064 066 067

P1B and Mrs Kennedy x

Cracking Reading by P1B

We’ve been Busy, busy again! We had fun at the end of the day on Monday, dookin’ for apples which we gobbled up straight after, enjoying the novelty of eating in class.

We have been reading our new reading books with our reading groups several times this week.  We are really good at reading the words aloud and are working hard to listen as others read and we follow the words on the page. We also share our ideas and opinions on the story and listen to those of others.  We chose the names of our reading groups ourselves and have decided on Elephants, Pandas, Polar Bears and Kangaroos – four fantastic names!

005 007

We have also been working hard using the sounds c, k and ck. We have been writing quite a bit in our jotters too, sounding out sentences using all the sounds we know and learning how to leave a space between words as well as trying to write on the line.

We are trying to get outside as much as possible when the weather is good.  We visited the outdoor classroom again on Monday and practised our ‘c’ sound.  We left a large stone ‘c’ on the ground as a surprise for others to see when they come in, but we won’t tell them it was us!

004 005 008 012

009 010 011

016 017 018 019

We practised our common words in the gym this week, enjoying the big space to run around and make a lot of noise as we played games to learn the words.

We have been looking more closely at adding, learning all the addition sums for numbers to 5.  We are really pretty good at saying all the sums that add to 2 and 3 and will be working on 4 and 5 next week.  We’re also working on a wall display so we can use this to help us as we work.  Mrs Kennedy has lots more games planned for next week to help us to learn all the number facts.

016 019

Mrs Kennedy has just downloaded the songs for our nativity The Innkeepers Breakfast,  we will start learning them on Monday, Christmas is about to begin in P1B!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

P1B and Mrs Kennedy


Autumn Fun

It is lovely to be back together again after the holiday, we have settled easily back into our routines and have been sharing lots of interesting holiday news.

We have had lots of fun outside this week as we investigate Autumn and the changes happening all around us.  We are lucky to have such a big outdoor space and we had great fun in the outdoor classroom.  We have collected lots of things for our Autumn table and children can bring in anything they find outside of school too.

023 024 025 027 028 029 031 034 035

After our walk we worked in groups using a record sheet to note down all the sings of Autumn that we noticed.  We worked very well together as we learn co-operation and how to work together to complete a task.

042 043 044

We have also been working hard in Numeracy this week, learning addition.  We have been working with a partner, challenging each other with tricky sums, we like being the teacher and checking if our partner has the right answer.

003 006 009 015 017

We also had our first visit to the library on Friday.  Mrs Manlove explained that we will choose a book every Friday and take it home to read, bringing it back the next Friday so we can take a new one.  Some Buddies came too and helped us to choose a book.  They are also very good at reading to us.

Have a lovely weekend from all in P1B x

009 011 012 014 015 018

End of Term and Class of the Week!

Wow! What a quick term and yet when we think about all we’ve done and how settled we are it seems like we have been at school for a long time.

This week we have been learning the sounds ‘d’ and ‘e’.  We pretend we are playing a drum for the ‘d’ action and crack eggs for the ‘e’ action.  We really enjoy the Jolly Phonics songs and actions and they are really helping us to remember our sounds – you can find them on youtube if you would like to practise at home.   We are also enjoying finding words or sounds we know as we look at books and words all around us.

In numeracy we have been learning ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ and saying the number before or after a particular number.  We are getting very quick at it.

001 006 008 009 017

On Tuesday we had lots of visitors to our classroom for Special Person afternoon.  It was very busy and lots of fun, we played games together and it was lovely to show others around our room and share our learning.

We loved assembly this week, especially when Miss Baillie announced that P1B were class of the week!   We have certainly been working very hard. Mrs Kennedy is extremely proud of us and how well we have settled into school life.  We have all learned so much since we first started and we are a very happy and hard working bunch!



We are really looking forward to term 2, beginning with some outdoor learning.  We will be looking at some new projects and begin to practise for our Christmas show.

Have a lovely holiday from all in P1B.

P1B Puppet shows and castle

Another busy week in P1B.  We now have a castle in our classroom  – all the children worked hard to build it.  We put our name on the bricks so that everyone knows who made it!  We’ve been playing in it a lot – lots of role play going on with knights and baddies, kings and queens.

018  020 022 024

We have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs this week.  We have been talking about and drawing the ‘setting’ of the story.  We have been writing some words from the story too, sounding out as we write. We all had a really good go and Mrs Kennedy is amazed at how well we are learning our sounds.  We also made puppets and worked in groups to put on shows, retelling the story.  We are very good at putting on different voices for different characters and using props.


Later in the week, some of us decided to be judges during the shows – we made notes and wrote down scores – great writing practise.

016 017

In maths we have been learning about gathering information and how to record it, using tally marks and pictographs.  We made a giant pictograph showing our favourite fruit.

We are a very creative bunch – during free play we have been really busy using lots of different materials to make signs and flags for the castle as well as masks, hats, bracelets and much more. Here we are with some of the things we’ve made. Mrs Kennedy is very pleased with all our problem solving, decision making and persistence 🙂



We hope you all have a lovely weekend.  P1B x

Bears and Porridge – P1B


This week we have had a very busy week.  We have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We made porridge on Monday – it was a big hit, 17 children said they enjoyed it and only 3 weren’t very impressed! Mrs Kennedy was really pleased that everyone helped to follow the recipe and tasted it. We have also been learning about where oats come from and Mrs Begarnie has been teaching us about what happens to our food in our bodies once we’ve eaten it.

Our home corner is the Three Bears Cottage at the moment we have been acting out the story as well adding to it and making up our own versions – lots of very active imaginations!  We worked in groups to retell the story by drawing the pictures and trying to write some of the words.  We worked very well in our groups, showing good teamwork  and we all concentrated well and worked hard.  Mrs Kennedy has put our story mats up on the wall outside the classroom, people visiting for parents night can have a look at them.

We have been learning the sounds p and n and the words in, an and and. We are getting very good at spotting the sounds and words in the books we read and around the classroom 🙂

We had PE with Mrs Reid this week.  She brought a huge bag of balloons with her and we practised throwing and catching – it was great timing as it was Cohens birthday and playing with the balloons was a perfect way to celebrate!

We finished the week with our Harvest assembly.  We were very active, singing lots of great songs with actions.  Some girls and boys from P6 came to help us with the actions, they were very good at it and helped us a lot.  We also read our reading books to our buddies on Friday and they read us a story too. We love buddy time.

Thanks for reading our very first blog.  We’ll write more soon.

P1B x