Local study


On Tuesday, we went to the Palace to play games with Gordon, the Historic Scotland Ranger. The game was about Food Chains. In the Food Chain, there was a heron, trout, shrimp and algae. We had to put on a bib. On each bib, there was a part of the food chain.We had to run away from the predators and also, catch the food we needed eat.

We visited St Michael’s Church and loved the stain glass windows. We saw a font, the pulpit with 4 Queens- Mary, Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Margaret and Queen Victoria, the pews ,the Cross, and a Bible,

At lunchtime, it was fantastic to have a picnic!

Later on, we went for a walk and Gordon showed us the trees, where the bats lived. Then we went and fed the Swans, the Geese, the Gulls and the Coots.

Our week in P3 by Mrs Leadbetter

This week we have been doing lots of fun things in class, here are some of the things which we have enjoyed learning about:

Euan and Jessica – I enjoyed counting to 1000 in maths

Ruari and Rebecca – I enjoyed helping others in maths

James – I enjoyed counting one before/after numbers within 1000

Ava, Madeleine, Michael, Scott, Finlay and Hannah – I enjoyed science this week when we were researching about different animals from Scotland and Australia

Emma, Emma, Kristin, Mia, Cormac, Jemima, Scott, Ava, Hannah, Michael, Hollie, Eilidh, FInlay, Alexander, James, Lauren, Sean, Ben and Olivia – I enjoyed designing our islands for our junk modelling

Aston – I enjoyed circle time with Mrs Stewart