Learning in P4a

This week we created spooky characters and settings. We used Hamish McHaggis and The Ghost of Glamis as a stimulus. Next week we will be writing our stories before we share them with each other.

In PE we did rhythmic gymastics with Mrs Reid and team games with Mrs Newton. We had great fun in both lessons.

We used Hamish McHaggis and the Clan Gathering as a starting point for discussing what clans are and then we started to create clan banners for our table groups. We will finish these next week and choose new table names.

In Maths we continued learning about time, our times tables and dividing. We also used our ICT time to “play” maths games which help extend our learning.

We checked on our plants to see how they are growing. Next week we will finish our investigation and record all the results.

We are off to P5a’s assembly now, enjoy the weekend.

P4a 🙂

Holidays are over!

This week we worked together to plan our learning from now until the next holiday, we are using the Hamish McHaggis books as a stimulus for this. Part of our learning looks at wildlife in the school grounds and we are focusing on birds and the role of the RSPB. Unfortunately the RSPB ranger is not able to visit us next week, (she is coming in January instead) however we are still going to do a nature walk around the school to see what we can find and think of ideas on how to encourage wildlife.

We started to look at food webs and chains and discovered that the sun is always the first part of the chain as it provides the energy needed for things to grow. Next week we will be planning a fair experiment around growing plants.

In literacy we wrote acrostic poems based on Halloween, these were excellent and Mrs Newton is going to make a book of them. Next week we will be looking at rhyming poems, using wildlife as a stimulus.

We have started to use our multiplication knowledge to solve dividing sums- this was a little tricky but we know that we will get there if we work hard. Next week we are going to work on time- let’s hope we can keep to time!

Mrs Newton is going to the Highland Wildlife Park on Saturday to take pictures of all the wolf cubs, If you see any wildlife at the weekend please remember to send in pictures for us 🙂

Have a good weekend,


Giants take over!

This week more giants arrived in class and today a HUGE one appeared at our door- we think they are friendly but you never know!

This week we spent time in class preparing talks about all our learning this term. Everyone took part and they were amazing (even if we do say so ourselves). We then shared these with P4b (but we still think ours were the best!)

In maths we created treasure maps using a compass and directions. We wrote clues for people to follow and then peer assessed by solving these.

We have also been playing Powerlines in maths, it involves us using our number bond knowledge to solve problems. They can be quite tricky, however we worked as a class and have reached challenge 2, level 3.

After the October break Mrs Newton is going to introduce us to Number Detective- we are all very intriqued by what this could be.

We are looking forward to our holidays, and coming back to school on Tuesday 25th October.

What will we learn next???


Week 7 in P4a

This week in P4a we have been learning how to create bar graphs from the data we collected last week, all about our favourite weather. The graphs are now on display in our classroom. We also answered questions  about the information we collected.

We looked at compass points and worked out which direction north is in our classroom (it is towards the windows!) We used an atlas to find different places in the world using the index page, coordinates and grid references. We played games using North, South, East and West but in French (please ask us what these words are).

In French we learned about colours and then used this knowledge to play corners games during PE. We also had to move in a variety of ways, using different parts of our bodies- the best one was when we all had to be French Beans 🙂

In Big Writing we wrote our imaginative stories using our planning from last week. Then we peer and self assessed these using two stars and a wish.

Finally, giants have started to appear in our classroom- not sure how that has happened as we are supposed to be a giant free zone! If you happen to work out how they are getting in please let us know.

See you all at parents night next week- assuming the giants don’t eat us all first.

P4a and Mrs Newton