Marches, transitions and new classes.

This has been a quick week as we had Tuesday off for the Marches, most of us went to watch and it was good fun.

We have almost completed our class talks on global issues, these have been very informative and eye opening. We are all going to try and reduce our use of plastics as these are having the biggest impact on the planet.

On Wednesday some of us helped with the Nursery sports day and the rest of us got to go and watch. It was very funny and cute πŸ™‚

On Thursday we had our tranisition to P7 and got to see our new classroom and meet Mrs Matos. We think it will be a fun year.

Today we finished working on our JASS folders and Mrs Newton is going to sign these off (if we have covered everything) next week.

Next week is our last as P6’s, we have had a small taste of being P7’s when we did door duty and we are looking forward to it.

Kieran is coming in on Wednesday for our fun day and we think we will get to do Quidditch and Rounders, plus a visit to the park!

On Monday we should bring a bag with us to take home our work from this year, we will take our PE kits home on Wednesday.

In our school bags today are our report cards, please do look for these πŸ™‚

Have a lovely weekend,

P6a and Mrs Newton.

Guess who’s back- back from camp ;)

No blog last week as we were having too much fun at camp (and Lendrick Muir), hopefully you will have all seen the photos Mrs Newton finally managed to send via Class Dojo.

On Monday we learned how to throw the javelin in the morning and then in the afternoon we did Basketball with the P7 sports leaders. We revisited perimeter and also finished our buddy letters.

On Tuesday some of us visited our buddys in the Nursery and we also did more work on area. The Dyers Fraternity visited us to explain their role in the Marches and asked us to draw pen and ink line drawings of them. In the afternoon we went to the Book Festival, we met Kieran on the way (he was teaching Quidditch at Lowport πŸ™ ). The author talk was very good and she talked about what had inspired her to write.

Wednesday we had sports day, the weather stayed dry almost until the end and everyone was able to take part or help out. A big thank you to A B-S who helped Mrs Manlove sell teas, coffees and the 100 square and AP who picked the winner πŸ™‚

On Thursday we wroteΒ  reports on our trip to Dalguise or Lendrick Muir for our JASS folders, we need to finish these next Wednesday so we also spent some time checking them today. In Science we watched a heart transplant and then identified the different chambers within the heart.

We took our measurements for our P7 hoodies. We are hoping that we will have these when we start P7 in August πŸ™‚

Next week we are on holiday on Tuesday (yeah πŸ™‚ ) and then we only have two weeks left of Primary 6.

Have a lovely weekend, hoping the sun shines.

From P6a and Mrs Newton

Chat, chat, chatty P6a :)

On Monday we started to look at area and perimeter, it was a little confusing, however we are going to be working on these next week and we know we will understand it better as we learn more.

We continued to learn about maps and we added a key to these. Next week we will be looking at scale and proportion within maps before we create one for our buddy’s the week after next.

On Tuesday we had our last Tiny and Tall session, we really enjoyed these sessions and are looking forward to meeting our buddy’s again.

On Wednesday we worked on algebra in Maths, this was quite interesting and we are looking forward to doing more when we get back from camp.

We had a triathlon taster session, this was good fun, although we were all tired at the end.

We started to look at what sustainabilty and sustainable developments are and how we could incorporate these into new homes. Then we presented our Cala Homes V Towns People presentations. Cala homes won, however we then wrote letters to the planning department (Mrs Newton) to say that the homes should only be built if a variety of sustainable materials were used. We gave a number of examples and reasons as to why these would be suitable. Thank you to Mr Fyfe for helping us with this.

Camp next week, and Lendrick Muir for those not coming with us. Here’s hoping the weather will be good (but this is Scotland πŸ˜‰Β  )

Have a lovely weekend,

P6a and Mrs Newton πŸ™‚

P6a at the Peel

On Monday we went to the Peel to take part in an environmental art session with Will and Keith from Historic Scotland. We really enjoyed this activity, firstly we took part in a scavenger hunt to find leaves, sticky willows, rocks, sticks, a buttercup and a purple flower. Then we made a green man, we used clay on trees to make a face and then we used grass and leaves to decorate the face. It was a great morning, even though a few of us got stung by nettles.

On Tuesday we learned about the 8 fold path that Buddhists follow. Some of us also took part in the Tiny and Tall session with our Nursery Buddies.

Wednesday we continued our art inspired by Thiebauld and finished our work on strategies to solve multiplication problems. We completed our leaflets on activities for children in Linlithgow and worked on our presentations for the proposed Cala homes development.

Thursday saw us discuss our inferential and literalΒ  questions relating to our reading books. In Science we completed our torso’s and decorated these, before peer assessing them. We completed a mental maths activity in the afternoon and then finished our power point planning for our presentations.

Today we created power points and planned our talks to the planning committee (Mrs Newton and Mrs Hutton) and had a camp discussion.

Next week we will start to learn about what makes a sustainable development and write a persuasive text on why we think new homes should be environmentally friendly. πŸ™‚

Have a lovely weekend, we only have 5 weeks left before we are P7’s πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

P6a and Mrs Newton



Visitors, Inspectors and Microsoft

This was a busy week for us, we had the inspectors in from HMIe and they visited our class a couple of times. We chatted to them about our work and what we think of school. We also had a number of us out for small group meetings with them. We also taught some of them how to skip, NW got 107 skips whilst the inspector got 2- well done P6a πŸ™‚

We began to write our leaflets on groups that children can attend in Linlithgow and in comprehension we looked at the difference between inference and literal meanings.

We started to draw maps of the school for our buddy’s and we also met some of them at the Tiny and Tall sessions.

In numeracy we looked at how to solve mental multiplication problems using a range of strategies and in measure we looked at world records and how we compared to these.

Microsoft visited us on Wednesday and we learned about basic coding. It was good fun and we hope they can visit again.

Next week we are going to the Peel on Monday for an environmental art session with Historic Scotland and Ms McAlpine will be back in class on Monday and Tuesday. Mrs Newton is still teaching us on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.

Mrs Newton is very proud of how we worked this week and how we talked to all the inspectors, she is going to miss us on Mondays and Tuesdays (but Zelda is looking forward to having her at home on these days πŸ˜‰ )

Have a great weekend, hopefully the sun will shine.

Challenging Cross Country in P6a

This has been a super quick week in P6a as we were off on Monday and Tuesday.

First thing on Wednesday we went to the Linlithgow Cross Country Festival, it was very wet and cold, however we all did our best and got medals πŸ™‚

When we got back to school we looked at different strategies for adding and subtracting and then talked about a healthy diet as part of our HWB lesson.

On Thursday we started planning our leaflet writing for children moving to Linlithgow. We will write the leaflets next week.

On Friday Kieran came to visit to announce the winners of our Fairtrade Quidditch Kit contest- no one from our class won, but we were happy that Kieran stayed and worked with us πŸ™‚

Next week we have visitors from HMIe coming in, Mrs Newton has told us how awesome we are and how proud of us she is, so we are excited to share our learning with them.

Have a great weekend, hopefully the sun will shine πŸ™‚

P6a and Mrs Newton

Super singing, STEM week

On Monday we started our STEM challenge. The first challenge was to make a paper plane that could glide for 2m. Next we had to make it through the target and further than 4m. Then we had to add cargo, whilst still making it glide through the target and at least 4m.

On Thursday we wrote instructions on how to make the planes and today we swapped books and tried to follow these. Most of us forgot to include detailed steps which made it harder to build, however everyone did succeed in making a plane that would glide. LS managed to build a plane with 17 coins, it glided the 4m and went through the target. NW had 16 coins on her plane and managed to glide it through the target for an astonishing 10m- that is quite a distance! We all enjoyed the STEM week and learnt new skills on how to use thrust, weight distribution, designing, folding and writing instructions.

On Wednesday Generation Science visited our school, we programmed robots to complete the challenges on the cards. It was very good fun πŸ™‚

On Thursday we went to the museum for our final performance of “In Linlithgow”, lots of relatives came to watch us and Mrs Newton has shared the performance on Class Dojo. Everyone said we were amazing, we worked very hard on the project and are looking forward to getting our CD’s from Caro next week.

Next week we have our Cross Country Festival on Wednesday, then we are going to start looking at healthy eating, portion sizes and food groups.

Please remember that there is no school on Monday and Tuesday (YEAH). Have a lovely weekend,

P6a and Mrs Newton πŸ™‚

Final term is finally here (of P6a!!!)

We returned to school on Tuesday for our final 10 weeks in P6.

In Numeracy and Maths we focused on our mental maths skills and played our new maths games. These were a mix of adding, subtracting, fractions, word problems, dividing, multiplying and percentages. We also completed the Brilliant Breakfast Mystery Challenge, this involved using percentages, fractions and decimals as well as solving clues.

In literacy we started our new reading books and completed some reading tasks. Next week we will be looking at our new spelling games to enhance our skills.

In Science we started to investigate the human body. We drew around the smallest person in our group and then drew and labelled the body parts we knew.

We completed our termly health and wellbeing questionnaires and we also completed the HMIe questionnaire. These asked for our opinions on a variety of subjects and we enjoyed the fact we got to share our opinions on school.

On Thursday we walked to the new museum for our song rehearsal. This went really well and we even had time to look around the museum.

We have a very busy term ahead, with lots of activities and learning, we are all looking forward to the challenges.

Have a lovely weekend,

P6a and Mrs Newton πŸ™‚


The End (of term!) Easter holidays are here :) :)

This week we all presented our projects, they were all very interesting and we have put them into our library to read. We also had parents nights, we think they went ok πŸ™‚

I and H went to the STEM Olympics and came 2nd for West Lothian, our P7 team came first πŸ™‚ They are all going to the National Finals in June.

Last week we created pieces of art inspired by John Constable and LS Lowry, this week we used these to create freeze frame dramas. We worked in small groups and then shared our ideas with the rest of the class.

In Science we did our Egg Drop challenge, 4 teams managed to drop their eggs without them breaking apart, an amazing result!

In PE we had a huge dodge ball game using the ball handling and ball control skills we have been learning this term. N was our star player with B holding her own when everyone else in her team had been put out.

On Thursday we had our Golden Day, this was a lovely relaxed day. We banked all our golden time this term and then spent it all on Thursday.

Today most of us went to church for our Easter service. The Glee group performed for us all which was a lovely way to end the term.

Holidays start today and in 12 weeks time we will all officially be moving up to P7 (eeeek!!!)

Next term we will be very busy meeting our new buddies, singing at the launch of the Linlithgow Museum, visiting the Peel to do Environmental Art and going to Camp. A lot to get through in 10 weeks, but we are very excited about the final term in P6.

Have a lovely Easter, remember we are all back in school on Tuesday 23rd April. Try not to eat too many Easter Eggs πŸ˜‰

P6a and Mrs Newton


Almost the end (of term!) for P6a

Another busy week in P6a, but we have worked really hard over the last 3 months and we are almost at the end of the term πŸ™‚

Monday we looked at how mood and atmoshere is created in comprehension, we tackled some tricky questions in maths, finished our health and wellbeing lessons and started a piece of art based on either a Constable or a Lowry painting.

Tuesday Caro came in for our final rehearsal in school. We have a rehearsal at the museum on Thursday 25th April and our live performance will be on Thursday 2nd May at 10am. More details of this will be sent home after the holidays.

Wednesday saw us visit St Michaels Cross House and we took part in a variety of activities with children from Lowport and Linlithgow Primary schools. It was a lovely day and we made some nice crafts.

On Thursday we did our final non fiction piece of writing for the term. We all wrote a diary entry about our visit to New Lanark. We also started to select 2 pieces of work we are proud of and 1 piece we think could be improved. Look out for these in our jotters on parents nights.

In Science we planned the egg drop task and some of us work in groups to make a Knex model.

Next week we will be sharing our personal projects with each other, Mrs Newton has been impressed with the work we all did on these.Β  We also have parents nights on Wednesday and Thursday, then finally on Friday we are off to church for our annual Easter service.

Have a lovely weekend, the last one before the holidays :0) :0)

P6a and Mrs Newton