Another busy week in P7a

This week has been busy in P7. We had photographs, song rehearsals and SNSA’s. Plus all our normal learning- phew no wonder we are all tired!! πŸ™‚

In Literacy we have started to write our short stories using action verbs and adjectives to add more excitement to them. Some of us “forgot” that a short story should only be a couple of pages and have written mini novels, however we know they will all be amazing and next time we will focus on what short means πŸ˜‰

In Numeracy we have been solving and simplifying equations, some of us found these tricky to begin with, but we used our growth mindset tools and managed to work through the equations- our minds are getting stronger every day.

In Science, and in class, we started our Jaguar F1 challenge. We have sorted out our groups and written information on who we are and why we have been chosen for each role. Next week we will be looking at logos, team names and the shape and design of our cars.

Our Enterprise groups have now decided what they will all be doing and next week we will work with Mrs Newton and Mrs Durano to find prices for the products we need and then work out a selling price and estimated profit.

Our class photographs are being taken next Monday or Tuesday, we areΒ  having our Flu sprays on Wednesday, SNSA’s will hopefully be finished by Thursday and Friday is a Purple for Polio dress down day (so another normal week in P7 πŸ™‚ )

Have a lovely weekend, fingers crossed the sun shines.

P7a and Mrs Newton

Snazzy SNSA’S

This week we started our last ever SNSA’s in Springfield (another last). Mrs Newton is super impressed by how hard we have been working. We will finish these next week.

In Numeracy we started looking at sequences, terms, rules and patterns in numbers to 10,000,000. This has caused lots of interesting discussions and debates and we are looking forward to the challenge activity next week.

In literacy we continued to dissect texts to find the mood and atmosphere. It was interesting to listen to everyones opinions and we discovered that sometimes there really are no right or wrong answers!

In Science we finished classifications and looked at food webs and chains. Next week we will be starting the Jaguar F1 challenge- look out for more information on this.

We started to learn our audition song for Fame and the first few songs from the Opera we will be doing.

Next week we have school photos, class, individual and family (another last!). These will be taken on Tuesday or Wednesday.

We are excited that parents are coming in to see our Number Talk activities in class on Wednesday, we will have some stations in class to challenge your learning.

A huge thank you to everyone who came and watched our class assembly last week, we really appreciate all the support you give us πŸ™‚

Have a lovely weekend,

P7a and Mrs Newton πŸ™‚


Term 1 comes to an end in P7a

On Monday we finished our Dodgeball sessions in PE with a round robin competition. We have all enjoyed these lessons and become more accurate over the past 6 weeks. We did our final leadership groups of this term and the Newspaper group completed this terms Springfield News.

On Tuesday we started our stories for the Rotary Club, Annual Jim Clark Memorial Trophy writing competition, this year the topic is on Connections. We discussed what this meant to us before writing a variety of interesting stories. In Science we had a visit from Mr Marshall from Linlithgow Academy to introduce us to the F1 challenge we will be taking part in next term. It looks really exciting and we are looking forward to completing this activity after the holidays.

On Wednesday we had our Harvest Festival in the afternoon, this was a good chance for us to reflect on our own lives and those who need more help and support in our community and around the world.

We watched a BBCTeach, Growth Mindset and Health and Wellbeing lesson on Thursday as part of Mental Health Awareness Day. We learned a few calm down ideas, including finger breathing (ask us what this is and we can show you πŸ™‚ ). We started our Futsal sessions as well, this was interesting and fun.

Today was our dress down day, raising funds for St Michael’s Hospital. We received our new leadreship badges as well πŸ™‚ We completed a Short Read, Blankety Blank task on our class novel and then finished the day with a variety of problem solving tasks.

Have a great holiday, don’t forget we are all back on Tuesday 22nd October.

P7a and Mrs Newton

P.S. Our school show in March will be Fame- we are very, very, very excited about this!!!!!!!!!!!

Busy days and nights in P7a

To begin this week our school ties finally arrived πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

This week has been very busy in P7a. We started our research for the assembly, sorted ourselves into groups and wrote our scripts. We have rehearsed a couple of times this week and will continue to do this after the holidays. The assembly is at 10am on Friday 25th October- it will be our last ever class assembly in P7a so we hope you can all come along.

We shone in our most recent duty- time monitors for the teachers at the recent parent nights. The feedback from the teachers and parents was really positive and amazing- we loved helping out and got to speak to lots of different people.

Today E, A and F went to Linlithgow Academy for a language event. When they were there they took part in a treasure hunt, quizzes and got to try some croissants- they were yummy πŸ™‚

Next week we start our Futsal sessions, we will be doing these every 2nd week until December.

We hope you have a lovely weekend, we cannot believe we only have one week left of term 1- what a quick term that was!

P7a and Mrs Newton

Busy Britto Bonanza

This week we revisited our knowledge of money and how to use decimal places. This followed on from our work on percentages and fractions. Our problem solving activity was to find the smallest number of squares needed to fill an 11cm x 13cm rectangle. This was an interesting and challenging activity, sparking lots of debate and discussions.

As part of our Brazil topic we learned about Samir and Samira, two children from a favela in Rio de Janerio. We wrote letters to them, telling them about our lives and asking questions about theirs.

As a follow on from drawing faces in proportion last week we extended this learning by drawing self portraits and then used our knowledge of Britto to add tones, shapes, lines and colours to them- look out for these on parents nights.

We chose partners, groups and topics for our assembly on Brazil. Next week we will write our scripts and then rehearse this after the October break (not everyone is here the last week of term so we are doing the preparation early).

We helped our buddies log into the netbooks and played some games online with them. It was a lovely way to end an interesting (!!!) week in P7a πŸ™‚

A reminder that we are all helping at parents nights next week. We all know which time, class and day we are helping at so please ask us if you want to know- oh and don’t forget to come to your appointment.

Have an excellent weekend (2 weeks until the holidays πŸ™‚ )

P7a and Mrs Newton


Short but sweet in P7a

This week was a very short week in class but we still managed to get lots done.

On Wednesday we wrote fact sheets on Romero Britto, using our research and planning on his life and work.

We then continued to develop our skills in Dodge Ball, we are all working much better in teams and have improved our accuracy when throwing.

On Thursday we started to learn how to draw our faces in proportion, this is in preparation for our art lesson next week when we will be doing self portraits in the style of Romero Britto.

We all want to wish Mrs Benton and the Forth Valley Chorus as they compete in the finals of the Sweet Adeline International Singing Competition in New Orleans. They are performing at 10pm tomorrow evening and you can watch this via You Tube (search for Sweet Adeline).

Have a great weekend, the sun is supposed to shine πŸ™‚

P7a and Mrs Newton

Talkative P7a

On Monday we taught our first classes as part of our Leadership roles. Sports leaders taught P4, Literacy Leaders taught P5/6 (and got 2 stars and a wish feedback!), Digital Leaders taught P2, Numeracy leaders taught P3, Buddy Leaders worked with P1 and the Newspaper Leaders started interviewing people and some continued writing the paper. 2 of us also had our first visit the the Linlithgow Day Care Centre.

We undertook research on the impact the fires are having on Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest, we then used this information to write persuasive arguments about deforestation.

In Science we were sorting living things into vertebrates and invertebrates and looking at the five kingdoms.

We had a workshop on the mosiac project, this sounds interesting and we need to start gathering old or broken tiles.

In PE we have been focusing on our throwing skills in Dodgeball- we have found it easier to play when we have smaller teams, listen to each other and actually picking up the balls!

On Thursday we had our first French session with Mrs Gordon, she told Mrs Newton (who was with the P1’s, so small compared to us) that we were amazing πŸ™‚

Assembly this week focused on Responsibility- this is when you show a good example to someone else. We then had some Buddy time outside, this was a lovely way to end the week.

Don’t forget that next week is a short one as we are off on Monday and Tuesday.

Deposits for camp need to be paid by the 30th September (thanks to everyone who has already paid πŸ™‚ ).

Have lovely weekend, the sun is supposed to shine!

P7a and Mrs Newton


Another busy week in P7a

This week has been very busy. We went to visit the Peel, took part in a touch rugby event and then watched the announcement of the Scottish Rugby World Cup Squad. It was a very wet afternoon, but we enjoyed it.

In Maths we have created multi digit multiplication and division sums and solved theΒ  Four Fours challenge. Next week we are looking at how to calculate area of non regular shapes, simplfying equivalent and non equivalent fractions and undertaking a problem solving challenge.

We started our research on Romero Britto and Brazil, taking notes on Britto’s life, completing a mapping exercise of South America and comparing our school day to that of a child in Sao Paulo.

We have now started our reading books and finished a comprehension exercise on global warming. Next week we will be writing a persuasive article on the impact that land use has on the Amazon Rainforest and Brazil.

Today we held our House Captains and Vice Captains elections. Well done to everyone who took part and those who were elected. Information on the winners is on the Springfield Twitter Feed.

Hoodies and ties are arriving today, however not until 2pm, so everyone will get theirs on Monday πŸ™‚

Have an amazing weekend.

P7a and Mrs Newton πŸ™‚



P7a is back ( back in school!)

A busy week and a half as we started P7. Last week we got our classroom arranged, rotas set up for our lunch, break and wet day duties and we started our time capsule information.

This week we have started to learn about Romero Britto, a Brazilian Artist. Found out about camp and skiing and completed our back to school checkups in maths, spelling and writing.

On Monday the SSPCA visited to talk about protecting animals and how we can keep them safe.

In Science we did a sampling session in the playground to see what was within each grid area.

Next week we are going to start our IDL topic on Brazil, complete some multi digit multiplication and division challenges and take part in a Rugby event with the SRU and Linlithgow Rugby Club.

For this event we should all come to school in our sports gear (no football colours), with a packed lunch and a full water bottle. Please pack a rain coat and sunscreen (this is Scotland after all).

Have a lovely weekend,

P7a and Mrs Newton πŸ™‚


That’s a wrap!

This has been our last week in P6 and it has been very busy!

On Monday we did the Chilli challenge in Maths. This was interesting as it showed us how much we had learned. We read Return To Groosham Grange

( we were trying to read the whole novel in a week).

On Tuesday we had our first buddy tea party in the Nursery, and we took part in a “Would you Rather” discussion.

On Wednesday Kieran came in for our funday. We went to the park, played rounders, sorted out the netbooks for Mr Wells and then had our fun, inflatable afternoon. The sun shone and it was a great relaxing day.

Thursday morning we went to the awards ceremony. This was really nice and a few of us won awards for Maths. We then had our final Science session with Mrs Tulloch for P6. In the afternoon we read some more Groosham Grange and finished moving things around in the classroom, plus our second tea party.

Today has been a day of mixed emotions. We are happy the holidays are almost here, however sad that we are saying goodbye to Miss Baillie, but excited to be moving into P7- phew who knew we could feel so many emotions at the same time!

Have a fantastic summer and we will be back with more updates in August (as P7a πŸ™‚Β  )

Signing off,

P6a and Mrs Newton πŸ™‚

P.S. We finished Return to Groosham Grange πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚