Home Learning in P7a

This was our first week of learning from home. Monday was a bit confusing with lots of tech issues and many questions, however we all managed to complete the work and helped each other where we could.

Tuesday was better as we were able to access the work more easily. We still had questions but Mrs Newton was able to help us.

On Wednesday we started the daily photo challenge, this tested Mrs Newton’s IT skills, however she found some work arounds and spent Thursday and Friday trying to fix the issues. If you want to join us in taking pictures the details are below (but remember to follow the new rules about social distancing and staying safe.)

Today we listened to David Walliams read a story, the story was very funny. We have also been taking part in The Body Coach work out each day, this is good fun and some of our Mums, Dads, brothers and sisters have also joined in.

At the end of week 1 we are a bit more used to home learning, even though it is very different from being in school,Β have helped each other everyday(and Mrs Newton misses us all lots!) πŸ™‚ and had some fun sharing our photographs.

Have a lovely weekend,

P7a and Mrs Newton

Photo a day challenge

Back to (semi) normality in P7a

After all the rehearsals for FAME, this week we were able to focus more on our class tasks and upcoming activities.

In Literacy we wrote newspaper reports on FAME, these were well written and it was good to read everyone else’s point of view. Then we wrote our draft letters to the STEM Editor as part of the Young Engineers Competition. We also finished our invention designs and annotated diagrams. We are hoping that one of us is picked and our design is made.

In Maths we started to work with equations and replacing numbers with letters. This was tricky to understand at first, however we are now all more confident in what we are doing.

As part of our transition to the Academy we have set up Teams accounts. One account is for both classes to talk to each other, the other is just for P7a and we will be using this for work and ideas as we get ready for the move S1.

On Thursday afternoon we had our treat for doing so well in FAME. The Nerf battles were great and the silent disco (not so silent!) had a great 80’s sound track.

Today we had an assembly were we reminded to be kind, use ICT appropriately and to stay calm and carry on. We are a bit disappointed that skiing has been postponed to April 28th, however we will have better weather now to ski in πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend, hopefully the sun will shine.

P7a and Mrs Newton πŸ™‚

P7a Fabulous, Fantastical FAME :)

This week has all been about FAME. We had our last full in school rehearsal on Monday and then on Tuesday we had two full dress rehearsals at the Academy. These went really well and we were very happy with what we had learned. Rebecca Holmes took pictures of us and they look amazing πŸ™‚

Wednesday and Thursday were show days and we were outstanding. Mrs Newton (and all the other teachers) said we were FABULOUS and we came off stage on Thursday night on a high. We are happy that we do not need to rehearse any more, but also a little sad that it is all over.

On Monday we had a small break from FAME when Angus Gaillie, a Senior Mechanical Engineer from The Royal Observatory of Scotland, came into speak to us. We had lots of questions about his job and we loved hearing about the parts he has designed for telescopes that are going into space.

Today we had a reflective reading event for parents, This was a nice way to end the week as we were working in pairs and had the chance to share our learning with family.

Have a lovely weekend, most of us intend to sleep πŸ˜‰

P7a and Mrs Newton


P7a, FAME, Skiing and singing

This week has been a very busy week, with rehearsals for Fame happening every day and our technical rehearsal at Linlithgow Academy on Wednesday.

On Tuesday we had our third skiing lesson, everyone is having great fun and the weather has been beautiful.

In numeracy we have been using our skills in real life contexts, this has helped us make connections between, and through, our learning. We have also been honing our mental skills using our knowledge of doubles and near doubles.

80’s day saw us exploring life during the 1980’s, inventions, toys, cars and historical events. Our sports leaders led a Jane Fonda type workout and we took part in a fashion parade- we did look amazing (even if we do say so ourselves!)

We are looking forward to our performances of Fame next week and hope to see you all there.

Happy Weekend πŸ™‚

P7a and Mrs Newton

Skiing, Singing and School Stuff in P7a

On Tuesday we had our second skiing session. The weather was lovely and we all hadΒ  great time. Kieran came with us, but we think we are way better than him πŸ˜‰

On Wednesday we visited Linlithgow Academy, this was interesting as we managed to visit some of the classes we will be attending and meet some other P7’s and new teachers. One of the teachers gave some of her students cake because they had failed their prelims (some of us love cake, but we are not sure that is a reason to fail tests!)

Fame rehearsals are ongoing and we are getting better- the dancers worked really hard with Mrs Gordon and Caitlyn to learn a new dance in just over an hour and everyone agreed it was amazing. The singers have been rehearsing with Mrs Bell and sound fantastic and the actors have been practising their craft with Mrs Newton, Mrs Kerr, Mrs Tulloch and Mrs McVay- watch out Hollywood!

On Thursday we had a visit from PC Dave and PC Matt to talk to us about appropriate use of social media and the internet. We asked a few interesting questions and listened to what they had to say.

Our Language Ambassadors taught us two games in French. One was called Le jeu du beret, we had to wear a miam miam beret and try to be first to put it on. The other game was called vingt-et-un where we had to count to 21 in French. Have a look at our twitter feed to see a video and some pictures.

Fame rehearsals continue next week, tickets will be on sale on Monday and Wednesday from 3.15pm-3.30pm outside the P6 and P7 classrooms. Β£5 per adult and Β£2 per child.

WeΒ  have our F1 challenge on Tuesday, we have worked really hard on this and are looking forward to racing our cars.

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe as it is supposed to be very, very windy.

P7a and Mrs Newton πŸ™‚

P.S. Please remember we are on holiday next Friday woo hoo πŸ™‚


Fabulous Fame in the making!

On Monday we did our first complete read and sing through of Fame, we are doing really well. On Wednesday Mrs Gordon helped choreograph our first dance and on Thursday Mrs Bell started our singing sessions. Next week some of us will have an after school dance session- details will be dojo’d out to parents. Show dates have been confirmed as March 4th and 5th, tickets will hopefully go on sale at the end of next week or the start of the week after.

The Poppy Bud came to visit on Monday, it was very informative and interesting. We were very suprised at how well it had been put together. We liked hearing the different stories and making a poppy of our own.

We have been working extremely hard on our F1 projects. We will need to finish these next week in order to have time to rehearse the presentations for the 11th February.

In maths we have started working on real life cases that need to be solved using numeracy and maths. This is good fun and we will work on a few different ones in the coming weeks.

Next week we start skiing- please remember that if we are skiing we must be in school on Tuesday for 8.15am.

Have a great weekend.

P7a and Mrs Newton πŸ™‚

Crazy, Crafty, Crackin P7a’s

This week we have focused on Robert Burns and Joan Eardley.

We looked at a few of Robert Burns poems as well as reading about his life. We tried to work out what the Scots words he had used meant, this tricky and we all had to help each other. After this we investigated Joan Eardley

We researched Joan Eardley and looked at her works of art. We then created drawings inspired by her works. Then using,Β  the poetry of Robert Burns to help us, we wrote poems about Joan, her life or her art work.

In Numeracy we looked at currency exchange and how to calculate different foreign currencies. We also worked out the price of different items in different currencies to see which were cheaper.

In Science we finishing off our F1 work, our competition date is next month and we want to make sure we are all ready.

We had Fame rehearsals on Monday and Thursday. These are going well and next week we will be starting our dance choreography with Mrs Gordon.

We have reintroduced the Star Table, we are now responsible for nominating the people we think have shown the values of our school. The people at the table will change each Friday, depending on the nominations.

Next week we have a visit from the Poppy Bud on Monday, this will intoduce us to what they Poppy Factory does and why it is so importanty.

Have a lovely weekend, the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow.

P7a and Mrs Newton πŸ™‚

Christmas Holidays are here :)

Monday we sung with the Nursery for Linthlithgow Day Care. We really enjoyed the opportunity to sing with the youngest children in Springfield and we hope they enjoyed our singing talents πŸ˜‰

On Tuesday we completed a Missing Jumper Challenge, this involved using our knowledge of maps, directions and codes. We found some of it tricky, however we did solve the mystery.

Wednesday saw us complete the SumDog Christmas Challenge, start the word meanings booklet and rehearse our Christmas song for Friday.

On Thursday we had our last ever Christmas Party at Springfield. DJ Wells was on fine form and we rocked the afternoon away to some excellent tunes.

Today, Friday we sang our Christmas Song, this will not be our last song, just our last Christmas song πŸ™

And just like that we have 6 months left. The next 2 terms will be packed full of activities, songs and adventures. The next 2 weeks will be packed full of rest- we hope πŸ™‚

Have a lovely restful Christmas break and we will see you all next decade πŸ™‚

P7a and Mrs Newton.

Busy, busy, busy P7a

A very busy few weeks in P7a and we are finally catching up on the blog.

We have been having Christmas songs rehearsals with the Nursery, we will be joining them on Monday afternoon when Linlithgow Day Care visit us.

For our Christmas Singalong we will be singing FelizΒ  Navidad, please join us in the hallΒ  on Friday morning, 9.40am, if you can.

Roger, from Scottish Opera came to see us yesterday in preparation for our technical rehearsal next month. P6 and P7 have been working very hard on learning these songs and Roger said we were superb!

Our F1 challenge work is going well, we have designed our logos, tried out TinkerCad and started to finalise our portfolios. AB-S’s dad is going to visit in January to talk about being a racing driver.

Our Christmas Party is on Thursday from 1pm-3pm. We can bring party clothes with us to change into at lunch time. We are also allowed to wear Christmas Jumpers all next week ( we do need to wear school uniform as well though!)

Instead of presents from Mrs Newton this year we have asked her to donate some toys to Forth FM’s Mission Christmas appeal. We all think it is better to give to those who may not get anything from Christmas.

Have a lovely weekend, 5 school days until the holidays πŸ™‚


A week of lasts in P7a

This week we have had lots of lasts. On Monday we had our last Rememberance Day Assembly, this was a lovely assembly and we remembered all our fallen service personnel (and all the animals who worked during the wars and conflicts). We also had our last class photo, you should be able to see this using the code that was sent home with your children. Or visit the Springfield twitter page to see one that Mrs Newton took.

Tuesday we had our last visit from the Dental Nurses, we all rocked this visit and have great teeth.

Wednesday was our last ever flu nasal spray at Springfield (it was also the last time we can get the spray as we will be too old next year!). This was a simple and easy process and most of us put our stickers on the wall display for “Lasts”.

On Thursday we had two lasts- our last author visit, Amy Wilson came in to talk to us about her books and how she became an author. Then some of us went to the Sports Hall Athletics event at the Academy. We all did really well and showed what an amazing school Springfield is.

Finally today, whilst this will not be our last dress down day, it is our last dress in purple for polio day!

We also had some firsts- those of us trying out for the main parts in Fame were given our scripts, we started to design logos and slogans for the Jaguar F1 challenge and we learned about a hailstone string (ask us about this, it’s great fun.)

Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

P7a and Mrs Newton