Primary 6 – w/e 8th November 2019

This week in our IDL, we started our new topic of The Scottish Parliament. We learned about two types of government – democracy and dictatorship and the differences between them.

In music we have begun to learn some of the songs for our school show ‘Fame’. The lists for auditions will be taken down today and auditions will take place towards Christmas.

In Science, we finished our topic on energy and completed a mini assessment on this – ask us how we did!!!

In story writing we began to explore persuasive writing, looking at the structure and content of an argument.  Look out for some of these heading your way soon!

In maths we explored the relationship between improper fractions and mixed number fractions. We also had some parents visit our classroom to see how we do number talks and esti mysteries.

In art we have created self-portraits, which we are hoping to display in class.

As part of our reading tasks over the last couple of weeks, we have been creating story cuboids, which summarise the key features of the books we have been reading.

In badminton, we had the opportunity to practise our grips, feet movements and accuracy.

The choir performed beautifully for our Norwegian visitors yesterday.

Kind regards

Primary 6 and  Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 – w/e 1st November 2019

This week we have started to look at fractions. We have looked at what we can remember and what we need to work on over the next couple of weeks!

In music we have begun to look at the songs for Fame, practising some of them with Ms Bain. We have also listened to the Scottish Opera songs that we will be performing too. The link for them is:

In PE we have continued to develop our badminton skills.

In art this week, we designed our houses for the ‘School House Design Competition’. We’re looking forward to finding out the winners!

The language ambassadors introduced us to a new french game, which involved practising our numbers.

In science we recorded temperatures of water over a period of time to discover which material insulated the water best.

We completed a Halloween maths mystery challenge, working together in pairs to discover the guilty culprit.

Finally, we had our trip to Beecraigs this week, where we explored the key features of a river and measured distances, depth and the speed of the river.



Primary 6 – w/e 25th October 2019

This week we have been learning about multiples and factors in maths. Hopefully this will help us when we look at fractions next week!!

In PE we have started to look at badminton. We learned about the V or basic grip and had a go at trying to hit the shuttlecocks.

In storywriting, we began to write a story about Rosie the Raindrop and her journey from source to sea. We will finish this next week.

In Science we discovered that there is a fungus that can hypnotise bugs and then grow fungi out of them.

In music we recorded our river song and we tried to edit it!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 – w/e 11th October 2019

Our final week of Term 1.

This week we have more mental maths, exploring addition through number talks and mental addition of bigger numbers.

We finished our block of basketball lessons, with some shooting and mini games, practising all the skills we have learned this term.

In Short Read this week our activity was a Blankety Blank. Ask us what we did for this.

In music we wrote and recorded our song about rivers.

We wrote an imaginative story about our mythical creatures.

Have a lovely holiday.

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 – w/e 4th October 2019

Another busy week here in Primary 6.

It was lovely to chat with you all and to share your child’s progress.

In maths we have been exploring place value, looking at addition and subtraction of numbers and also exploring methods of how to find a number half way between two other numbers.

In writing, we created cinquain poems about autumn. Ask us the rules for creating one of these poems.

In PE we have had the opportunity to play some mini games of basketball, putting into practise all the skills we have been learning this term.

In music we have started to create a song about rivers.

In science we were learning about energy, playing a loop game to help us remember different energy sources.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 – w/e 27th September 2019

 This week we have been exploring place value. We created a human place value chart and put numbers into it. We practised reading and writing these numbers.

 Our first number talk this week was addition, where we looked at different ways of completing addition mentally.

 We have created our own mind map of the things we would like to learn about the River Congo, which we are going to research and compare to the River Forth.  This was the River that was voted for after trying to persuade each other that the river we have chosen to research was the best one.

In PE we have been putting all of our ball handling skills together and playing games of basketball.

We created a character description of our mythical creature for our storywriting.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 – w/e 13th September 2019

This week we have explored compass directions and degree turns in maths. We finished our week, putting our skills into practise with EARL, a floor robot. The pictures show us working on this.

We have put our river topic on hold for a couple of weeks, to focus on our assembly. We’ve researched mythical creatures, written our own assembly script and created factfiles about our mythical creatures.

In music, we have been creating our own song for assembly. We are looking forward to sharing this with you next Friday.

In PE, we have been practising our shooting and passing skills with basketballs.

We had a talk from Burgh Beautiful about an opportunity to help create a mosaic for Linlithgow.

Have a great holiday weekend!!

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr



Primary 6 – w/e 6th September 2019

This week in maths we have looked at formal methods of multiplication and division, with us all choosing to challenge ourselves and make our brains grow.

In PE we have developed our ball handling skills for basketball, playing games and completing drills and team activities.

We have decided on a theme for our assembly and begun to research facts and information on this.

In music we have begun to create a song, with instruments for our assembly, which is on the 20th September at 10am.

In science we created helicopters which showed the changes in energy that occur when they are launched – ask us about this!!

Homework has also been issued this week – due Tuesday and Wednesday.

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr


Primary 6 – w/e 30th August 2019

In maths we have looked at how we can exercise our maths brains. We used youcubed to help us. We found different ways of making numbers using 4 fours. Ask us how we did this!!!  We also completed the ‘make one cut’ challenge, discovering that some shapes could be created, while others couldn’t. This also helped to develop our resilience and growth mindset.

In Science, we have begun to look at energy,  talking about fossil fuels and different types of energy.

In PE we have begun to develop our basketball skills, focusing on dribbling the ball.


In art we explored Pointillism, creating landscapes using this technique.

We have begun to set targets for Primary 6, thinking about what we are confident with and the areas of the curriculum we would like to develop further.

We created an imaginative story, using a picture to help us with our ideas.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr