Food Chains and Months of the Year (P2B)

This week, as part of our ‘Relationships’ focus, we have been learning about food chains. We have been exploring different food chains and learning about how animals and plants depend on each other for food. On Tuesday, we learned that each food chain starts with a producer and that the arrows show the flow of energy. We created food chains using the small world animals, stacked cups with different animals to make a food chain, played a Food Chain Challenge game on the Promethean board and drew different examples of food chains.

In writing we learned to write a procedure. We listened to a story called ‘Ronald the Rhino’ and discussed the events and characters in the story. One of the main characters was a python. We explored an example of a food chain featuring a python and for our plan, drew the food chain using arrows to show the energy flow. On Wednesday we used our diagrams to write about our food chain. We used words such as ‘first’, ‘then’, ‘next’ and ‘finally’ to order our writing.

In Numeracy and Mathematics, we have been learning to add coins to 50p. We have been adding with 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins and we have been making different money amounts using these coins. Some of us have also been adding coins to £1. This week we also looked at using different ways to make the same money total. On Thursday we completed our work with time and learned to sequence the months of the year. We listened to a song about months of the year and then we put the months of the year in the correct order. In Number Talks, we have been exploring the strategy ‘Making Tens’. Miss Harrison put some beads on a rekenrek and we discussed how many beads we could see and how we could see them. Sometimes there were 6 and 4 beads or 7 and 3 beads and we used our knowledge of number bonds to work out that there were 10 beads. Then Miss Harrison put some more beads on the rekenrek and we made 10 beads first and then worked out how many extra to count on.

This week we revised the sound ‘u-e’. We wrote different ‘u-e’ words on our whiteboards and we self-assessed our work. After each ‘u-e’ word, Miss Harrison told us the correct spelling and we checked our own words and marked our work! We also wrote sentences containing ‘u-e’ words. Some of us were also revising our common words.

In PE this week, we continued to develop our movement skills. We played ‘Shark Attack’ as a warm-up activity and then we rotated round different stations which helped us to develop skills such as throwing, catching, skipping and jumping. Afterwards we had a whole class game of Benchball. Miss Harrison had to play as well to make the teams even! It was an interesting game!

In Art we looked at adding detail to images using different media. We don’t want to say anything else about our art work as it will spoil the surprise! Miss Harrison did say however that we worked very hard with our work and put in a lot of effort!

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that we can share our learning with you again soon and we send lots of love and wishes to everyone during this difficult time.

Take care.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx