Airports, digraph revision and finding the difference in P1

We have had a lovely week in Primary 1. We were so busy making and playing in our new role play area. As our current topic is transport we talked all about different ideas and had a vote in each class as to what we wanted to make. Both classes ended up picking airports. We then had to talk about what we needed to make and what parts an airport would need. A plane was of course a top priority…Mrs Anderson was an excellent help and is an expert plane builder we discovered. We also made passports, boarding tickets and luggage labels as well as prices for the items in our shop (lots of sweets!). Then it was time to play! Lots of fabulous role play and dialogue between the different characters with lots of dressing up involved too.

In literacy we had a revision weeks of some of our digraphs so far. We have found this very difficult and need to have lots of practice at home to make sure we can recognise the key sounds. The main ones we are mixing up are oo and oa and igh and ai. Our common word recognition is fairly good, but writing them is a lot trickier…again lots of practise at home would be great.

In numeracy we have been working on finding the difference. Lots of us found this concept very difficult, the language around it is difficult. We did lots of practical ways like I have 8 sweets and you have 6 sweets what is the difference between the sweets.

We also tried lots of visual ways where you can see the difference by putting cubes lined up beside each other, or numicon overlaying each other. Maybe this video clip might help with a bit more practice at home.

In French Camembear taught us about body parts. We remembered lots from our head, shoulders, knees and toes clip, but we did’t know hands (les mains). See if you can play Jacques a dit at home (Simon says) using body parts. Say touchez first which means touch. Here is our wee song to practise.

Today we had some buddy time outside. It was lovely playing with our P7 buddies.


Mrs Gordon and Mrs Bell want to say a huge thanks to all the children and parents for supporting us during these tricky times. We will certainly miss seeing your gorgeous wee faces over the next few weeks. We are really hoping to see you again soon. We will post lots of messages and videos for you.

Thanks also to Mrs Donald for her support in P1 this week, she has gone above and beyond.

Happy weekend xxxx