P3B goes farming and 80’s disco dancing!

This week we had a very interesting visit from Mrs Jess Findlay, a retired farmer who works for the Royal Highland Education Trust.  She gave us a presentation all about her life on the farm and the crops that she grew.  We learned about wheat, barley and oats.  She brought samples of the actual crops so that we could touch and smell them.  We also saw what happened to them once they had been cut and processed through the combine harvester and discussed what the resulting grains could be made into.  She then showed us a poster about the different breeds of cows and explained that some are reared for producing milk and others are reared for producing meat.   She also brought in a huge carrot from her farm and explained that it would keep much longer than one bought from the supermarket as it was covered in earth.  The earth keeps the carrot cool so it lasts much longer than the washed ones we can buy in the supermarket.

In grammar we have been learning about past, present and future verbs. We learned that we could use “Uncle Ed” to help us write or identify a verb in the past tense.  The verb would end in “ed”.

In writing we used our class novel to help us write an imaginative story.  The story had to have a character who was sad at the start of the story and then something had to happen to them to make them happy at the end.  We worked with our learning partners to brainstorm lots of different ideas of what might make our character happy and added this to our writing plan.

To coincide with the school show “Fame” we all dressed up in costumes from the 80’s.  It was tiggerrific seeing everyone all dressed up during the school fashion parade in the hall.  Each class took a turn of walking the “catwalk” to model their costumes.  We then all took part in a “Jane Fonda” workout which involved us completing a dance exercise routine.  She was very fast, so we all had to move very quickly.  We were all tired out at the end and needed a rest before returning back to the classroom.  We then learned about what it was like to live in the 80’s by looking at the different types of clothing people wore, the music and bands they listened to, what cars and technology looked like. We also looked at the different TV shows and toys children played with.  We were amazed that we still play with some of the toys today and also the size of a mobile phone.  It was ginormous compared to the phones we have today and could only be used to answer calls.  The phone battery only lasted a few hours and the phone could not take pictures, play music or send text messages etc.  We loved watching some of the TV shows and cartoons from the 80’s.  Our favourite one is the adventures of Mr Ben.  To complete our day, we also learned some dances from the 80’s with our favourite being “Push pineapple” by the band Agadoo!

Mr Ritchie and the tiggerrific P3B’s