Pancakes, a pet sale and 80’s day in P1B

What a jam packed week we’ve had this week!

On Tuesday and Wednesday we made and tasted pancakes.

In Phonics this week we learned about the trigraph – igh, we learnt that this usually goes in the middle of words like light, might, fight. However, sometimes words break the rules, such as high and sigh.

We also learnt the other way to make this sound: -y, as in try, fly, cry.

It can be tricky to know which one to use. We played an action game you could try at home to help us to practice. If it’s an igh word, make a triangle with your hands, if it’s a –y word make a y (like in the YMCA!). Try it with these words:

bright, shy, try, light

In numeracy we continued our work with the number fact families. We are doing well with this but some of us are getting tricked by the + and – signs, we need to look at the sum carefully.

In Money this week we read a book called The Great Pet Sale. We loved making our own Pet Sale with our soft toys, and using coins to buy and sell them to our friends. Here’s a clip of the story:

We LOVED 80’s day! We watched P6/7 perform one of their songs from Fame, had a go at a 80’s dance routine, listened to stories from the 80’s and took part in a fashion show!

Admin for next week:

Thursday – World Book Day! Please send children in their assembly costume (or send it in a bag to change into) as we are having a dress rehearsal in the afternoon for P1-4 (we will try our best to keep our costumes clean!)

Friday – Please send children to school in their assembly costume

BEAR (Be Excited About Reading) event 9-10 in our classroom

10-10.30am Class assembly in the school hall

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x

Ps, apologies for the lack of photos – it isn’t letting me upload as the blog is full. I (think!) I have managed to upload some photos to Seesaw 🙂