We love 80s (P2B)

This week P2B went back in time to the 80s! On Thursday we had a whole school 80s day! We came to school in fancy dress, participated in an 80s fashion show and completed a Jane Fonda workout!

In class, we learned about toys in the 80s. We watched a video about toys in the 80s and then we designed our own 80s toys! We created new pound puppies, rubik’s cubes, care bears, glo worms and transformers. At the end of our lesson, we played some 80s video games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Miss Harrison wasn’t very good at Pac-Man!

During PE on Thursday we played some 80s games. We played Stick in the Mud, Kerby (using marking spots), Wall-y and Please Mr Crocodile.

This week our new sound was ‘o-e’ and we were also revising our common words. We made ‘o-e’ words, played an ‘o-e’ spelling game, played ‘Snap’ to identify and read our common words and we made our common words on our magnetic boards. Some of us have been writing our common words during play.

In writing this week we learned to write an explanation. On Tuesday, we listened to a story called ‘Spot’s Favourite Toy’ and we discussed our own favourite toys. We drew pictures of our favourite toys and on Wednesday, we learned how to write an explanation. In our writing, we explained why our chosen toy was our favourite toy. We used joining words to link our ideas and we put our ideas in a clear order.

In our Short Read lesson we watched a video about how Lego is made. Using what we had learned from the video, we read a text and identified the silly words. We worked together to suggest a sensible word to replace the silly word.

This week we finished our work on subtraction. Using our knowledge of number bonds and different subtraction strategies, we completed two subtraction to 20 assessments. Our scores were so good that we are going to move on to learning about money next week! In Number Talks, we explored different number sentences and explained which strategy we used. For example, when solving 6+6 we used the strategy ‘Doubles’. When completing ‘9+7’ some of us used ‘Counting On’ or ‘Making a Friendly Number’. Miss Harrison has been very impressed with how well we can explain our addition and subtraction strategies.

In Expressive Arts this week, we explored the work of Andy Warhol. We looked at Pop Art and discussed the use of repeated images, repeated patterns and bright colours. Miss Harrison showed us some of his Toy Series paintings. Afterwards, we created our own Pop Art toy images.

In Science with Mrs Begarnie, we were investigating mystery powders by looking at what happened when the powder was added to water. The flour went cloudy, the icing sugar dissolved and the baking powder was foamy.

Thank you very much for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx