P7a, FAME, Skiing and singing

This week has been a very busy week, with rehearsals for Fame happening every day and our technical rehearsal at Linlithgow Academy on Wednesday.

On Tuesday we had our third skiing lesson, everyone is having great fun and the weather has been beautiful.

In numeracy we have been using our skills in real life contexts, this has helped us make connections between, and through, our learning. We have also been honing our mental skills using our knowledge of doubles and near doubles.

80’s day saw us exploring life during the 1980’s, inventions, toys, cars and historical events. Our sports leaders led a Jane Fonda type workout and we took part in a fashion parade- we did look amazing (even if we do say so ourselves!)

We are looking forward to our performances of Fame next week and hope to see you all there.

Happy Weekend 🙂

P7a and Mrs Newton