P1a’s pancakes, trains and 80’s

Another busy week in P1a. We made and tasted pancakes with Mrs Woolsley, Mrs Anderson and Mrs Stapleton. It was a lot of fun, and we thought they tasted better than the ones in the shops.

In IDL we further explored transport by looking at the history of trains. We loved learning about the locomotive, steam engines and how they work, and the bullet train. We then designed our own train. Don’t they look fantastic!

In literacy this week we met our first trigraph – igh, we learnt that this goes in the middle of words like might, bright etc This is a very tricky one for us so we will need lots of practice. We also learnt the other way to make this sound -y, as in cry, fly etc this is also quite tricky! Our common words were said and come, they were ones we have been seeing in our reading books so are quite familiar with them. Look at the words we built using scrabble tiles…this is another good way to practise word building at home! It also reminds us of what the capital letters look like.

In numeracy we continued our work with the subtraction fact families. We are starting to get a really good grasp on this concept, but quite a few of us are not readily recognising the addition and subtraction signs, we are getting tricked when there are different signs! Lost more practise needed. In Money this week we read a lovely book called The Great Pet Sale. Here is a cute clip of a grandad reading it to his grandchild.

We then did our own pet sale where everyone brought in a toy pet, we made price tags and then we had to count out the right coins to buy our pet. It was a lot of fun…we think some of us will be trying this at home!

On Thursday we had a great time for 80’s day! We thought it was the best lunchtime ever as we got music in the dining hall and in the playground! Mrs Gordon also taught us a couple of dances from Fame, we were so good we could maybe stand in for the p6/7’s! Look at our fabulous costumes and the amazing 80’s show and tell items. We really enjoyed learning about the 80’s!

Happy weekend, Mrs Gordon and P1a.