Thermometers, Robots and Toys in P2A

This week we have been busy learning about thermometers, toys from the past and drawing robots!

Look below at what we have been doing in our play based learning…

In Literacy we have looked at magic ‘e’ and some of us have been learning the ‘tw’ sound. We drew ‘a-e’ pictures and wrote ‘a-e’ words in our pictures. We enjoyed watching Alphablocks clips with magic ‘e’ in the black hat. Magic ‘e’ does a good job making vowels longer. We wrote lots of ‘a-e’ and ‘tw’ words on the graffiti wall on the interactive board. Some of us even thought of our own ‘a-e’ words and used the big magnetic board to spell these. We really enjoyed watching a Lego advert to help us create our toy posters this week. Our task was to persuade people to buy our favourite toy by creating a poster. We discussed times we have tried to persuade people and talked about how toy companies try to persuade us to buy different toys. They use bright colours and lots of pictures so we had to make sure our posters were like this too. We also had to include the different ways you could play with the toy to persuade people even more. In our Short Read this week we completed a ‘Picture It’ activity. We were given information about a robot which we then had to draw. We did really well highlighting the important information to help us with our robots.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been recalling subtraction facts between 16 and 20. We have been playing a fun game to help us recall these subtraction facts called ‘Hit the Button’. We have looked at different strategies to help us with this such as using our knowledge of doubles. We have also been practising missing number questions. Some of us have been subtracting a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number using partitioning and 100 squares to help us. We have also been practising more half past times this week. We are becoming more confident as a class recognising this on an analogue and digital clock. Some of us were even learning how to recognise when it is quarter past.

In Science with Mrs Bergarnie we looked at thermometers. We discussed where we have seen a thermometer before and what they do. Mrs Bergarnie set up an experiment where we had cups with cold water and cups with warm water. We predicted what would happen to the cups after they had been sitting in the classroom. We used words like degrees Celsius so we could tell exactly what temperature the cups were when we each used our thermometer. We did really well at predicting if the cups of water would be hotter or colder at the end of the lesson and why this happened.

In our Toys topic we looked at toys in the past and what our parents and grandparents might have played with when they were in P2. We loved watching the ‘100 years of toys’ clip. Lots of us spotted toys we had seen or heard of before. We had lots of discussion about this. One of our tasks was to work in pairs to complete a toy timeline on the Keynote app on the iPad. We had lots of fun figuring out where each toy should go.

This week was Scotland loves Languages Week. In class we have done lots of things to celebrate this. We had a visit from the Language Ambassadors and Mrs Gordon on Wednesday. We played a fun game to practise our numbers to 30 in French. Some of us can even say our numbers up to 50 which we have been practising in the line before lunch and using as a countdown. On Thursday we practised the months of the year. We played snakes and ladders in pairs where we had to say the month in French to move on.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂