P3B Week commencing 27th January 2020

In writing this week we have been working on imaginative writing using a story starter.  The story starter was based around a small door that we found in a large oak tree in the middle of the woods.  We listened to a soundtrack of the door opening.  The door was very creaky as it began to open slowly…….   Working with our learning partners we brainstormed lots of different ideas of who might be behind or coming out of the door.  We then used this information to help us structure our story so that it had a beginning, a middle and an ending.  We all came up with lots of interesting characters for our story and we are looking forward to reading and listening to them.

In maths we have been continuing to develop our subtraction strategies and also using our number bonds to help us with our Big Maths challenge.  With Mrs Doran we have been working on using the clock to tell the time using the stations of the clock.

We have also started using the new play area outdoors and had great fun at the start of the week playing in all the snow with Mrs Stapleton and some of our classmates.

In PE we are continuing to learn how to pass and dribble the ball.  We have then been playing mini five-a-side football games to try out our new skills.  Our mini teams are very competitive!

In Health & Well Being we have been using our Circle Time to learn how to improve our listening, teamworking and social skills.  As a group we decided what we needed to work on and then used “Talking Ted” to help us take turns to discuss ideas of how we could improve our skills in the areas selected for discussion.  We then played a communications game where we had to listen to our partner and recreate the picture, they had drawn by listening and following their instructions.  This was a lot of fun and proved to be trickier than we originally thought it would be!

Mr Ritchie and the Tiggerrific P3B’s