P1a Love Languages!

As this week was “Scotland Loves Languages” week Mrs Gordon was very excited (and so were we). We did lots of little language activities through the week including : stories in French and Spanish, a poem in Polish by a child in P1b, “poissons pêcheurs” game with the language ambassadors, writing our favourite word in another language and practising our family words in French with Camembear. We are getting so good at ordering lunch with Mrs Gordon that we even sometimes speak to the dinner ladies in French…fantastic!

This week in phonics we have been learning the digraphs ai and ay. We have worked hard to remember which is which. We know that ai as in rain, pain and sprain is normally in the middle of words as “shy i” likes to be surrounded by his friends. We also know that ay as in pay, say and spray is normally at the end of words since “toughy y” can be on his own at the end. We need to keep practising this, as it is very tricky to know which one to choose. Mrs Gordon helped us to write sentences with both digraphs in. We also learnt 2 new common words “are” and “they”. We see them lots in our reading books so felt quite confident with this.

Numeracy was a continuation of subtraction where we are working within 10. We included some word problems this week which can prove tricky. All the children have grasped the subtraction concept and we are encouraging use of concrete materials (blocks, counters etc), number lines (jumping back one at a time) and fingers (putting fingers down as we subtract), to ensure they have different ways to solve the problems. In money we did more coin recognition. We have really improved with this. Mrs Gordon added a till and money to the home corner and now we have a wee shop (created by the children).

In PE we are doing a block of football with Mrs Reid (our PE teacher) and with Mrs Gordon we are working on a block of movement skills including balance, coordination and ball skills. This is done through various games focusing on different themes/skills each week.

Our transport focus this week was on looking at timelines and understanding how transport has evolved over time. We enjoyed making our own timeline where we had to order types of transport. We also made shape trains, this was great fun, and we could easily identify the shapes we were using.

Bon weekend, Mrs Gordon and P1a