Scotland Loves Languages Week in P1B

Bonjour! Hola! This week we have been celebrating Scotland Loves Languages Week. On Monday the Language Ambassadors taught us the game ‘Poissons pêcheurs’ which helped us to practise our numbers in French:

On Tuesday we ordered our lunches in French.

On Wednesday MS taught us how to sing happy birthday in Spanish to BP (feliz cumpleaños):

And on Thursday AK read a poem to us in Polish!

We also learned this song, Ma Famille:

In Phonics this week we have been learning the ai/ay sound. These spelling rules help us to remember when to use which one:

‘ai’ – shy i likes to go in the middle of words

‘ay’ – toughy y likes to go at the end of words

We found this quite tricky and will need lots of practise sounding out words to select the correct spelling. Here are some words to try at home:

rain  pay   gain  bait  say   tray

Ask us: Is it the ‘shy i’ or the ‘toughy y’?

We also learned 2 more common words – are, they

In Numeracy we are getting super confident at subtracting. Some of us are beginning to recognise that if we know one subtraction fact we can find another by rearranging the subtracting number and the answer, eg: 10 – 6 = 4 so 10- 4 = 6

Next week we will be looking at missing numbers in a subtraction sum and continuing to work on recognising and counting coins.

In IDL we learned what a timeline is and looked at different forms of transport through time. EM took his time to cut out very carefully to complete his transport timeline:

Thank you to all those who have already returned the slip with their chosen character for our class assembly. So far we have witches, fairies, an oompa lumpa and even a Frieda Khalo! If you are still to decide then please hand this in on Monday so that we can start writing our story, thank you 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x