Scots and Obstacle Courses in P2A

This week we have been busy learning all things to do with Scotland.

Look below at what we have been doing in our play based learning…

In Literacy we have been revising our consonant blends and some of us have been learning: ‘sn’ and ‘sp’ this week. To revise our blends we looked at pictures with the different blends and had to figure out which blend the picture represented. We enjoyed playing a game on the interactive board to help us revise our blends as well. We read a book called ‘The Reiven Rat’ which was all in Scots. Our task was to describe the rat from the book using Scots words. We discussed what the rat looked like and how he behaved. We learned that words that describe something are called adjectives. We had fun using adjectives to describe what each of us were wearing to help us with this learning. We then included adjectives in our own writing. We were also able to identify Scots words, know what they were in English and able to include them in our writing. We wrote words like lang, purpie and troosers. Please have a look at our rats!


In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been subtracting within 20 and 100 looking at a strategy called bridging. This is where you cross over a 10. We liked moving the frog across the number line on the board to help us with this. We have also been recalling subtraction facts for 11 and 12. Some of us have even been subtracting 2 digits from multiples of 10 and recalling subtraction facts to 50. We have been challenging ourselves lots this week. Some of us are even asking for more challenging questions. We have had fun as a class playing the mental maths train on the board to help us recall these facts.

During story and milk this week we have been listening to stories which are all in Scots or have Scots words in them. We have really enjoyed listening to these and finding out about what different Scots words mean.

In P.E we learned how to balance while moving in different ways. We became Woodland creatures from The Gruffalo’s Child. We balanced on our two feet, arms and some of us on one foot. We even created our own obstacle courses in groups. We had to make sure it would make us balance and move in different ways. We used lots of different equipment to create them which we all used in different ways.

We can’t wait to see what next week brings, see you then!

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂